New Atryl/Mittsies animation to make you moist

Everyone's favorite sort of likable maker of "questionable" animation is back with yet another game to get your gates gushing, girls. This time starring "Moonbutt" and "Yellow Quiet" going for a "fun ride." Are you annoyed with me putting quotation marks around the "stuff" about ponies fucking? Good.

Released today, it's already become a smash hit with every sick pervert in the fandom. Mittsies and atryl have come back in perfect form, futa dicks and all. And Tiarawhy is hosting it, a fact this reporter fucked up and got called out for, since futa games are a major priority here.

For convenience, here are some of the good points of the game.
  • Accurate, large Luna futa penis
  • Fluttershy enjoying being sexually assaulted by royalty
  • Quality control
  • Lots of semen
  • Ass play
  • Supports transgendered rights, Luna's massive cock symbolism for their suffering
  • More semen
However, we've also included the unrealistic, negative points.
  • Not nearly enough semen
  • Not once does Fluttershy call Luna a casual
  • That futa dick is larger than Sethisto's, ruining the realism
  • There is NO scene of scat with FinalDraft
All in all, it's a good one and a half minute filler for all your clopping needs. I rate it a 6/9, would jack off again.

Here, have some free ass. You've earned it champ. And hey, thanks for reading Horse News: Your one stop shop for all your horny pony-related fantasies and needs.

Comments (20)

  1. >fluttershy

  2. Huh. I thought Fluttershit was supposed to have a dick.

  3. You forgot to mention the excellent music track by Mittsies.

  4. Not tiarawhy. Mittsies and Atryl. It even says on the "click to view" image. tiarawhy is just hosting it on their website.

    1. That explains the cute faces.
      I hope atryl makes more in the future.

  5. I came so many fucking times. I wasted enough sperm to impregnate 10 women a hundred fold


    1. Spermatozoa required for impregnation: 1
      10*(1*100) = 1,000
      Sperm count per mL: 20,000,000-40,000,000
      1,000 sperm/20,000,000 sperm/mL = 50 uL
      1,000 sperm/40,000,000 sperm/mL = 25 uL
      Average ejaculation: 2-5 mL

    2. >tfw no pregFluttersluna version.

    3. 100 fold is a huge fucking number. 10 fold alone is 2,816 and just to give you the exponential size difference the 11th fold is 5,632 followed by the 12th fold of 11,264. Now that is just set to a single woman. If you multiply it by 10 the amount of cum this guy is producing could feed the worlds starving whores.

  6. WtF is dis shit? Why is this here? I thought this was fucking supposed to be a drama coverage website. Where is the drama in this autistic PoS. Moreover, everybody knows that the best pairing is TwiArmor - Amy Mebberson approves. Go cover some Windows 10 or #bendgate clusterfucks, prove that you know drama - make us proud!

  7. I don`t know.
    Pony porn isn`t what it used to be.
    Maybe the ride is over for me.


  8. Sigh... im "Partial" Ok with the Futa, but Balls...


  9. choke on a horsedick

  10. >Single scene, doesn't even change camera angle

    I'm not gonna bitch, 'cause this is still some high-quality porn, and we are very blessed to have a fandom that produces such masterworks. But this was not worthy of a HN article. Maybe if they'd produced another of those long-ass interactive games, like that one with Twi and Fluttershy raping Rainbow Dash, or the NMMxChrysalis one. But this? Come on, guys. Tiarawhy's site is cranking out stuff like this all the time.

    1. Horse news is too casual with their porn coverage. Who'd a thunk it?