My Little Pony to officially appear in DC Universe

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As if two massive shit storms following the leaking of a surprisingly decent Equestria Girls sequel and dismissal of a SJW comic writer, it seems the September/October drama season is still rolling, but with super powers. As we've scene from the IDW series of comics, and even an actual episode parodying comic book tropes, the My Little Pony franchise has a thing for comic books and superheroes. Hell, series creator Lauren "Mama" Faust created an official DC property herself with Super Best Friends. So should it surprise any of you that, coming this Thursday, the pony world will be joining the DC universe?

...okay maybe it should.

Teen Titans, a DC brand consisting of a bunch of throw away characters and Batman's boy sex slave, has seen incredible popularity since its reboot in 1980 and even more with the beloved and critically acclaimed 2003 cartoon series. However, recent attempts by Cartoon Network to fuck up every property they own saw a reboot to the great series with Teen Titans Go!, developed by two guys who never even saw the original series or comics. 

Now in both shows, our very own Brony Queen Tara Strong voices the Hot Topic mascot Raven. Considering the creators and new staff clearly lack originality or sense of comedy, they sought out to do what any desperate show staff does: Pander their asses off to the public. How did they do it? Well their most obvious joke and recurring joke is making the dark, brooding character voiced by Mary Sue Twilight Sparkle a pegasister. Seriously.

U did wut m8
While the pony obsessed Raven has had many instances of mentioning the show before, playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasi on screen, and even turning the other Titans in to pegasi,  the pandering levels coming to Cartoon Network will reach critical levels, a possible 6.9 on the Pandurin Scale. If you go check on the official Teen Titans GO! wiki, it gives a synopsis that screams "HEY BRONIES, PLEASE WATCH US."

Control Freak zaps the Titans into the latest episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasusand the team has to figure out a way to help the creatures in order to get home.

So the titans get zapped in to the television world of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, by this guy:

The villain Conrtol Freak, a 4th wall breaking staple of both the old and new series, is basically the neckbeard of all neckbeards of the DC unverse. His powers are the ability to control machines and a magic TV remote that lets him bend reality. He IS the average brony's wet dream, and he gets to shoehorn some superheroes in to his favorite pony show. Truly writer Merrill Hagan knows her Fanfiction premises.

While yet another show has fallen victim to Mocking Bronies Syndrome, something that all lower tier shows have been trying more and more recently (MAD! and Bob's Burgers for example), this one looks to be the absolute cringiest and pandering of all. While we may never know when the ride ends, we can tune in at 6 PM EST Thursday to see just how awful and sexy they make the DC pony world, or how many ponies Tara Strong gets to voice, this being the only time I will ever endorse a Teen Titans GO Episode. One thing we can be certain of, however, is that Control Freak will be browsing Horse News at some point in the episode, this being the ultimate fandom site.

What, were you expecting the ACTUAL show to appear in a Batman comic or something? Do you know where you are? This is Horse News, faggot. 

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  1. The absolute epitome of begging for brony viewership numbers.
    And we thought that having Raven like pony toys was already enough pandering...

  2. >complaining about bronies being mocked in 2014
    >calling Bob's Burgers "lower tier" because of "The Equestranauts"


    Also, am I the only motherfucker who got the memo that no one is a fucking brony anymore? That word was born, it lived, it got old, then it died. "Bronies" are dead. I don't think anti-bronies even gave a shit about bronies anymore until Ted Anderson sperged out and made them think they were relevant again.

    1. >bronies are ded
      >gamers are ded

      who still alive

    2. I didn't call Bob's Burgers lower tier for that episode

      I called it lower tier because it's shit. Every episode.

    3. Asshole, there are bronies, and there are horsefuckers. Know the difference, newfag.

    4. >who still alive

      fone still alive. long live fone.

    5. I've only seen 2 episodes of bob's burgers, and I thought they were both shit. So is family guy, american dad, and The Cleveland show. They have a very lazy sense of comedy, and try to appeal to the mountain dew guzzling 20 somethings. How many times has family guy made a fart joke? Where the fart WAS the punchline? I mean really? A fart joke? The last Cleveland show I saw made a joke about trekkies, 15 years after they've been relevant at all.

      And anyone that proudly wore the made up label "brony" when they "joined" this fandom was desperate for inclusion and validation.

  3. The headline misrepresents the article.

    1. ^You haven't been here long, have you?

    2. Sometimes H-N has good posts. If one is completely fucked up, you can bet that MLP critic wrote it. He's not very intelligent.

    3. "What, were you expecting the ACTUAL show to appear in a Batman comic or something? Do you know where you are? This is Horse News, faggot. "

  4. Just from those two clips I watched, this whole show looks like total shit. I'm not even a fan of D.C., and I STILL feel betrayed.

  5. Fucking horses with wings and the fat guy that love them!

    Anyway im hype to watch that episode !

  6. Teen Titans Is Cancer4 October 2014 at 17:39

    Oh look a show that is more popular than ours let's 'parody' it.