MLP event coming to the UK...and it isn't BUCK

While we await our Britbong correspondent Ruby's report on the goings-ons of BUCK 2014 (the final BUCK?)  we have another piece of news from Jolly old. According to Tumblr, a new event will be materializing across the pond for those who are fond of horses. It is dubbed "#S5LDN".
No, that is not some sort of robot serial number.

 "S5LDN" stands for "Season 5 London". No really, we aren't making that up. Its a con (actually it's not) that is slated for....sometime....season 5ish? Fuck we don't know, just read this thing. Of particular note:
"No, #S5LDN isn’t a con. (Although we’re not a “meet” either, to be clear.) We like to think we fall into a happy medium - nestled between expensive, unsustainable events like conventions, and free-for-all turn-up-and-go meets."

We’re #S5LDN, which is sort of short for Season 5 London, but we don’t like to call it that because the hashtag is cooler, right?
Our team are working hard to bring London and the South East a kick-ass event for fans and enthusiasts of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
We realise you folks have a bunch of questions, so we’ve included a bunch pre-answered for your enjoyment, under the fold.
If you have a question that’s not been answered, drop it in our ask box, on our FB pageTwitter, or by email to!
Are you organising another con?Ceci n’est pas une convention.No, #S5LDN isn’t a con. (Although we’re not a “meet” either, to be clear.) We like to think we fall into a happy medium - nestled between expensive, unsustainable events like conventions, and free-for-all turn-up-and-go meets.
What are you planning to do then?Our event will run for the whole day, separated out into two parts. Daytime activities, and the evening “Twilight Stage”.
Here’s a taster of what we’ve got in store:
  • A celebration of the Season 5 Premiere.
  • Vendors area, selling official merch, hand-crafted and custom pieces, prints, CDs, plushies, etc.
  • "Pub" quiz with awesome prizes.
  • Cosplay Competition (TBC).
  • Workshops (TBC).
  • Chill-out areas for chat and card-games.
Evening “Twilight Stage”
  • Live music performances from some of your favourite community musicians.
  • Live comedy.
Who’s the brains behind this operation?#S5LDN is brought to you by a rag-tag crew of people who love organising events. We’ve brought you two smaller pub meets, and have been involved in several more before that. This time, the pub meet evolves, and we think you’re going to love it.
Why does it cost money?Because nothing in life is free, to be short. Venue fees, licensing, equipment, consumables - you name it - it all has to be covered. That said, we believe that we offer incredible value for money for our attendees.
Value for money how?We offer an action-packed one day experience for less than 5% of the ticket price for two-days the outgoing large convention in the UK. And we throw in the music on top of that as part of the deal, not for extra.
We’re not in competition with those guys, though. We’re going for a completely different experience altogether. We aim to give the South East an event that’s appropriately scaled, sustainable, and that it deserves.
I’m in!Great! Follow us here and on the usual social networks (twitter/facebook), and check out ourinterwebsite for the latest updates. That way you won’t miss out when we announce our date, start selling tickets or have other big news!

So there you have it. It's not a con but its not a meetup, but it costs money and needs a venue but its a good deal, and holy shit we have no idea but we'll keep an eye on this.
In the meantime, have this anon's opinion of BUCK.

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  1. do i have to go to this one as welll :c these uk cons arent having enough drama

    we were considering going and buying a jar of mayonnaise and getting Knighty to take a photo of me about to throw it an the venue or something. although there is some drama :^)

    will write up soon i promiseeee

  2. Sounds like the Australian Sydneigh notcon... The one that asked for an extra $30,000 recently then dropped Andrew K. when they couldn't get it.

    "It's a nice light hearted big huggly meet without worrying about profits, oh god we can't afford anything gib moneys!"

    Will HN have someone on the scene for that spaghetti fest?

  3. Let's see if there will be any anarchy this time.