Tracking The Incoming Tactical Shitstorm

Things are getting heated as several pillars of the tactical community have come together to discuss the problems with quality control. These activists are disheartened at how the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is getting progressively worse as time goes on. Some of the activists have even gone as far as to make videos on the subject, such as James Yeager.
James Yeager
Yeager’s "If this goes one step further, I'm going to start killing people!" rant is among the angry tirades within this middle-aged, bald, gun enthusiast's video on the subject of the show and how it is going down hill at shocking rates.
chris costa.jpg
Chris Costa
Unfortunately Horse News was not able to get any comments from Chris Costa, due to him being locked into a state of distress, and has done nothing but tactical rolls and mag-flip magazines through his neighbors windows for the past few months. Despite Costa’s mental state, the gun enthusiast is still being charged with vandalism.
Although Travis Haley is not directly affected by the incident, probably due to his lack of interest towards the show as a whole, he is very much upset with how it has crippled some of his best friends.
“Are you FUCKING SERIOUS? These men have been shot at, blown up, and burned alive and yet the downfall of a children’s TV show is fucking them this bad? What the hell has Hasbro done?” He told us over phone, not willing to come into the studio because of the time consuming task of taking care of James and Chris which he has honorably assigned himself.
“Thanks for letting me come in for this interview, but I really gotta get back, James is trying to strangle Chris with what looks like some sort of makeshift set of nunchucks, it appears to be electrical cord tied between two wrenches.”
We can only wish Travis the best of luck in his noble deeds.

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  1. But, the show has been getting better each season...

    1. Season three is the exception that proves the rule.

    2. It has been getting better. Including Lauren's departure.


  2. The struggle is real