Pre-Galacon Interview with Perrydotto

Horse News loves doing interviews. As it happens, we also have staffmembers on both sides of the Atlantic, and will be providing coverage of Galacon. Before Galacon happens, we asked Perrydotto on the Galacon staff a few questions. Check out the interview below.

1. You go by the name of Perrydotto and you are part of the GalaCon staff. What exactly are you responsible for?

I'm Head of Events as well as PR Assistant. Basically, I put together the timetable, panels and other events at the convention as well as help out with PR matters. I also act as the host for the panels on the main stage. For me, it's great fun, and definitely not something I would have thought I'm decent at, but working for the convention showed me that I got more talents than I thought.

2. BUCK announced a few days ago that it's unlikely they will return for 2015. Is there anything about GalaCon's future you can share at this point?

Sadly not, no. Every year, after the convention, we evaluate these things and whether or not we are up to go for another year. We are in the lucky position at least that unlike BUCK, it's not a question of finances - Our venue costs are managable, and ticket sales have been going very well. We are a group of friends who put this event together, so it's more a question of how much we can invest on a personal level.

3. GalaCon holds a very unique status among the bigger pony conventions. Not only do you have regular show staff on your guest list, but you also invite VAs who work on the dubs. Are the dubs really that popular in other countries? Or is there another appeal in having these voice actors there?

The original dub is by far the most popular, no denying there - But the dub versions from all over Europe all feature their unique traits and all got interesting and talented people working on them, too. I think it would be a shame to have a convention intended for the European fandom and not have something European to show. The dub actors are new to people and haven't been to a lot of events, so it's both a fresh experience for the actors and the fans alike. And last but not least, the kids are happy to meet someone from the dub version they are growing up with.

4. How many people from outside of Germany actually visit GalaCon? Which language(s) are mostly used? If someone from the U.S. walked the convention halls, would it take them long to figure out they are not in Kansas anymore?

We have about a 50/50 split between attendees from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and attendees from the rest of the world.

Considering we are sadly clashing with BronyCon again, it's amazing that there's still a bunch of people even from outside Europe who would come to visit. We are very humbled that people would make such a far trip to our event - We even got an attendee from New Zealand!
The official convention language is English, and that really helps opening up the event to people regardless of nationality. You might hear people speaking German in private, but overall, you can navigate everything very decently in English.

5. Almost every big pony convention has been affected by drama in the past: unpaid bills/talent, con staff complaining, the list goes on. However, we haven't heard anything of that sort from GalaCon so far. We are sure other coventions would love to know how you keep potential whistleblowers silent. Or, are you just that good? What is your secret?

Oh, drama definitely does happen to us, like just recently with the ChuckyBB/MistyDash thing. We are far from perfect, as much as we try our best with the event every year. One of our core mindsets among the staff is humility and honesty - We don't pretend to be better than we are, and we are open about what we can and can't do. There are many other amazing conventions out there, like our friends in the EPCU (European Pony Convention Union) and we don't see ourselves competing with them. Why would we? GalaCon is not a for-profit event, and at the end of the day, we are just a group of friends who enjoy a cartoon about colorful horses. That's nothing to get high and mighty about.

6. Let's face it, there are quite a few people that only care for Canni Soda. Will we see more of her anytime soon?

Canni is always around, whether it's in our promo videos, fanart on our Deviantart group or just randomly in our posts on Twitter. We love Canni, and we are very happy that so many people love her too! Don't forget about Sani and Wachmann though, Canni's sister and her husband - We really enjoy them as a trio.
Just to clarify that again, though - Canni is not my OC and I don't voice her. You'd be surprised how many people mix it up! I'm flattered, but I'm definitely not as neat as Canni.

7. Finally, is there anything you want our readers to know, shameless
self-promotion included?

Nah, not really. Just enjoy what you enjoy, be friendly about it, and don't take things more seriously than they deserve. Life is too short for that!

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  1. No trace of the word professional in the interview. They are officially more professional than BUCK.

  2. I'm surprised there was no mention of Psyguy, the guy who writes all the scripts for Galacon promos. Or used to, anyways.

    1. He got purged from existence.

      ~Super Trampoline

    2. CrikeyDave & SerenaMidori too I guess.

    3. CrikeyDave is listed as a guest this year

  3. I want to fuck Canni so badly.

  4. If I lived in Germany, I would go. Otherwise, neat little interview.