Summer Cup 2014 News - /mlp/ and other Big Market Teams RELEGATED!

Earlier today, in a climactic first game of the day, /x/ tied with /diy/, bringing both teams' point totals too high for /mlp/ to attempt to equalize/pass, and they joined the likes of other big teams in the relegation square, waiting for Autumn. Below the break are a few of the other "big teams" to fall in this tragic Summer Cup, and a 100% original comic from a /vg/ anon.

/a/ - Anime & Manga

Tied twice, and a loss to the P/u/rest Form of Football saw the weebs' biggest frontline team take a backseat to /h/

/b/ - Random

Just like a year before, /b/ trolled its way across the competition. Unlike last year, it was unable to best its Group and fell after scoring but one goal from "Trolled 2 Death".

/k/ - Weapons

A valiant effort forth, /k/ made a final push to Summer Cup 2013 champions /wg/ to equalize perfectly and earn a playoff against /ic/. Sadly, Zergface and co. were unable to operate operationally enough due to the extreme conditions of the operation

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

In a first-ever event, a Babby Champion has been sent back to the lower tournament after the following Elite Group Stage. Hitler and Jews couldn't keep Cory out of the House, and now they face Autumn, heads hung.

/sp/ - Sports

When I get older, I will be stronger;

they'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag...

/tg/ - Traditional Games

A rough match against the monolithic /toy/ and an unexpected defeat from the paper trail of /po/ put out the Orkz early. Sad, but this team has always had the most optimistic of fans. WAAAAAAAARGH!!!

/trv/ - Travel

The most unexpected on the path to the Babbies, this is the first time a defending champ has failed to hit the following knockout round. Sorry Mauled, but no Summer holidays this year.

/v/ - Video Games

Alas, not even /v/ could stand to the might of the new blood fresh from the Mega Babby, where its younger brother who was long the laughing stock of the cup thrashed the console peasants 4-1, sealing their NUCLEAAAAAAAAAR fate in Autumn.

The Current Bracket, minus all the teams everyone loves (except for /toy/)

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  1. I thought tactics looked solid if a bit unambitious. Honestly, though, this was more the RNG not blessing us with His gigantic horsecock. At least we're not alone.

    lol /sp/

  2. And Boris isn't coming back
    Oh the humanity

  3. This little horsey, Rode home...

  4. Will [s4s] get spooked? Or will the power of Cory prevail?

  5. I have no idea what is going on

  6. last game was rigged

  7. Too bad /mlp/ didn't get on the bracket.