Tidbits: Too tired for this shit edition - pirates, ponies, pigtails, and ponies.

Tonight on tidbits I'm almost asleep but here's some shit that happened recently that isnt terribly important but still interesting fuckit lets do this.
Up top, apparently ponies are now part of a lego knockoff videogame called "Blocksworld".

Mama Faust celebrated her 40th birthday this weekend. Tonight she tweeted this old Polaroid of herself from 1999. Consensus: Adorable.
/mlp/ was of course very thoughtful and wanted to wish her well in style.

New Equestria Girls Edits have already begun.

Anons everywhere are scrambling to claim their new siren waifus.

Catie's got a new video out.

The BronyDoc 2: The Search for more money released a video about the Berlin Pirate Party.

Also bronycon is next week, so newsfeeds everywhere are getting flooded with bronycon shit.

Night everyone

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  1. >first tidbit

    Fucking seriously?

    1. There too late to the party there is already a tonne of mlp minecraft mods, for the strange grown adults who like to play with virtual lego.
      The buying of pre-orders for the 'BronyDoc 2' is done through paypal..seriously not even something more official, note even amazon.
      >Pony Time
      Well they are just as useless as all other political parties but at least they admit to basically dicking around and doing nothing of importance, so they would get my vote if I was a Deutchlander.

  2. Sauce on that slutty picture of whats-her-face.

  3. A nazi edit? Boring, the same thing was done with Sunset Shimmer.

    Ah, the German Pirate Party. A bunch of toddlers playing politicians. They are truly the closest thing the world has to a brony party. They have little unity, even when they pretend they do, can't agree on anything and sabotage themselves by infighting. The difference is that the people, who say that they leave, actually do so, further weakening a powerless party.

    1. No, the slutty face shot under the nazi one. Google is failing me, but it looks hot and I want moar.