Radical Bronies Declare Caliphate: Attempt to Seize Capital of Minority Fandom Groups

In a recent turn of event, radical fans of My Little Pony have splintered once again from the main fandom, ran by the minority "Normalfags" of 4chan, and laid siege to their Capital of /mlp/. These zealots, currently defined as the "Fandom State of Autism," vow vengeance upon the infidels of /mlp/ for the defilement of the holy shrine of 'Tism.

Despite pleads to return the shrine of 'Tism, one anon, donning the name of footnote, refused to uphold the rules of common decency by placing the shrine into almost every orifice on his body, and then some.

"Luv and toblerone everyone"

Declaration of war and sighting of enemy positions outside of /mlp/

Internet Denizans on both sides are preparing for battle as the Armies of Autism are moving in. In response to the battle crys of the FSA, one anon stated;
"Tell me when, and we will kill the goyim."
It is also rumored that G-d's chosen people are apparently joining sides against the FSA.

Currently, the FSA is taking refuge in the bowels of twitter after its recent victory and subsequent takeover of FimFiction, one of the original birthplaces of OC.

The recent battle for FimFiction was a major upset for the Brony fandom, as after years of constant bombardment from moronic commenters and shoddy writing, it appeared to stand strong until FSA forces broke through the lines. As of now FimFiction appears to be lost to the 'Tism armies, with the "Normal Fag" armies refusing to fight.

Now though, FSA forces are setting their sights on the more casual and normal part of the fandom, operating from the safety of the fortified area of twitter. Though they still face some opposition from the casual forces there.

With constant rear end support from sites like deviantart and tumblr, there seems to be no end in sight to the constant bombardment of /mlp/. The Free State of 4chan is lending some support against the sieges of the FSA, as they unilatterally agree that the FSA is a menace to the internet and universal free speech.

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  1. Wait. Saying that stealing and cumming on things that meant a lot to the people they were stolen from and shouldn't be done is radical now?

    Or... I think the real issue here is that a holy site was defiled meaninglessly and without provocation and the defiler refuses to make amends. This article doesn't seem to be very clear. But I don't feel that I need to side with the radicals to be upset with the actions of footnote here.

  2. Sure is summer in here....

  3. On the subject of fandom-splintering, over on Tumblr there's some drama exploding which was sparked by the plush story. Some guy who was a friend of the original owner got really mad and said he didn't want to call himself a brony anymore because of this, other guys came in with >not all bronies, and then the guy's boyfriend came in to defend him while getting massively mad about it all as well, and it all turned into the usual Tumblr dramafest. His boyfriend, by the way, being JitterbugJive/BaldDumboRat, fan-voice of Derpy. Knighty's not the only horse famous name stirring up shit over this.


    1. Why is ut not a surprise tonse jitters acting a hyperaggressive tool? He's gone completely sjw. Even browbeat some teen into giving up drawing pony porn because he didn't think it was "good" for her.

    2. I wouldn't call Jitters a SJW just yet. He skirts the line, and he IS a complete fucking tool, but he doesn't take part in the worst stuff that we mock SJWs for. Hell, he's even defended bronies from this sort of shit before, and called out SJWs as being stupid for deciding to judge a whole group by the actions of a few individuals. Which makes him kind of a massive hypocrite in this instance, as he's essentially switched sides now that his boyfriend is the one doing it, but that's really par for the course.

      No, Jitters' real sins are far more simple than SJW faggotry. They are his hypocrisy, his inability to admit fault unless someone else out-SJWs him (as he hilariously did in one instance where SJWs were bitching at him for not tagging trigger warnings enough), and his seemingly uncontrollable rage issues. I've been silently following his Tumblr for a while, since it's such a drama magnet, and it's truly astounding how little restraint he has. Guy cannot resist giving long rants or getting into online fights. I think he might get off on it.

      He has a whole load of untreated mental issues as well, which only serve to make his behaviour worse. I kind of don't like to give him shit or troll him because of it. They don't excuse his actions, but he has genuinely had a hard life, and my sympathy always gets the better of me.

  4. Jesus Christ. These little bitches do understand that throwing a big shit-fit will NOT un-fuck that plushie, right?

    Yeah, it really sucked that it happened, and yeah, that dumbass should probably get punished somehow, but crying and getting up in arms about it will do nothing to fix what is broken.

    Then again, people like this never drop retarded little grudges that don't actually affect their personal life (and if it does, they're REALLY taking the whole brony thing too seriously), so whatever, nerds. I'll just be over here laughing at the tumblrina slapfights while waiting for new pone to air.

    1. That's the problem with SJWs.
      They don't try to fix stuff, they just try to break more stuff and hope it'll make people let 'em have their way.

  5. Say what you will about the faggot levels of OP in the plushie theft thread, but he's given us one thing: a fun ride and a legend to tell our children.

  6. Well this aint exactly the happening in my books but it is pretty funny, let the butthurt continue and let the lolz rain down.