Boards ban together to declare Hitler's glory

Oh Adolf Hitler. Artist, leader, public speaker, soldier, avid hunter of weaker forms of human beings, truly such a lovely man lives a little in all of us. As we all know he was sadly taken down by some guys name Smith and Wesson, and the world has been recovering from the loss ever since.

So to honor his legacy in a "Greatest People of All Time" poll at, several boards have gathered their men to vote in unison for a glorious hero. And now it seems /mlp/ has joined the good fight.

The message was recieved for /mlp/'s call to action today at 7:40 pm EST. Joining our equally mentally impaired cousin /pol/ and star crossed lover /s4s/, we are now frantically trying to uphold Unser Führer's reputation. At this time, it's apparent Hitler's position in the polls is an incredibly dissapointing 325...or in this case dead last.

Yes this means he's behind amazing people such as Selena Gomez, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Larry the Cable Guy, or worst of all, Buddha. It seems that maybe those dirty fucking kikes pesky moderators over at Top Tens saw the influx of beautiful support and felt the public could not handle the second coming of Germany's Austria's proudest son.

Now only time will tell if the efforts of 4chan's unsung heroes will pull through to honor ze Führer. If you want to do your part to get the right name up for greatest person of all time, because let's face it who gives a shit about made up things like Mohammed or Gandhi, then click the link here to put the right man on top. Show those dirty thieving goyim crappy mods that we nor/mlp/eople fight for what we love. And clearly what we love is genocide.

I think it's very clear that this article sealed my ticket to hell. Horse News deals directly with hell and Satan's associates, and Rarifag's been there on business. Not a fun place.

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  3. >Smith and Wesson
    >not Walther
    Ya blew it.

  4. The Jews rigged the poll. Surprise, surprise.

  5. That poll is rigged as fuck

    I wonder who could be behind this...

  6. Sorry. My vote belongs to #112, Frankie Muniz.

  7. Lauren Faust is currently ahead of Malcom x and Ronald Reagan

  8. >"did more for the bestiality community than anyone else" written under Lauren Faust


  9. Nirmala Srivastava 666 on top comment. Did everyone give up on hitler or what? Don't see any threads about it outside of /mlp/.

    1. It seems like the hosts of the top 10 list noticed the huge influx in Hitler votes and stuck him at the bottom of the list. No amount of voting seems to be doing anything anymore.

  10. Voted 4 Stalin lol

  11. That picture fits perfectly with this site! Haha