Official Horse News Swimsuit / lingerie contest - PRIZES (#PantyHorse)

Horse News over the last few months has received plenty of pictures of fans in their pony panties. Feeling inspired by this fact, the HN staff is happy to announce the "Official Horse News Swimsuit & Lingerie Contest". The rules are simple, and there are actually prizes to be won. The Winner will be crowned "Mrs. Horse News" for 2014. (If we get male entrants, there will be a Mr as well). Think you have what it takes?
Check out the official rules below.

Official Rules:

To enter, you must send Horse-News a photo of yourself, in either your underwear or swimsuit, to either the Horse News Twitter ( with the hashtag #pantyhorse or by emailing it to us at

The photo must feature a pony visible somewhere in the image (it does not need to be ON your garment).

As proof that the photo is new, if a digital timestamp is unavailable, you must include a message that says "Horse News" in some way (this could be written on a card or on your body, however you want to do it).

You must be 18 or older to enter, and any photo that you send us, you grant us permission to repost, and reuse for promotional purposes.


The entrant who sends us the best photo (as determined by our judges) will be crowned "Mrs Horse News" (or "Mr. Horse News").

Your image will be featured on the website and Twitter. You will receive, in the mail, a prize bag including

A #HorseFamous Tshirt from Capper
An MLP Plushie
Several packs of MLP Trading Cards
Artwork and prints from /mlp/roducts
and whatever else we can fit in the box.

Runner-ups will receive other stuff including artwork and individual cards.

Upon winning, you must claim your prize by sending us your mailing information.

Contest ends at 11:59 EST on July 21st 2014
Winners will be announced on the 22nd

Good luck!

Depending on number of entrants, selections may be featured as part of a "Horse News Calendar"  

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  1. Massuh Cappah is cravin' some bewbies right now, yessir

  2. I should totally put on some pony panties, take a bent over shot to obscure my manliness and see of I can take the title.


    2. This contest needs cute traps, do it fggt

    3. My dong has already expanded at just the thought of this.

      Do it fggt.

    4. Oh god, why does doing this seem so hot.
      Brb, going to buy pony panties...

    5. Better be Braeburn panties too.

  3. Time to put my sick glutes to use; squats pay off once again!

  4. Time to start stretching those glutes!

  5. If you pull this off HN, oh gawd if you pull this off...

    1. We're already pulling off

  6. Oh my god capper.. I'm not sure if this is amazing or....