Naked Chinese Transsexual Visits Sweet Apple Acres

In the realm of headlines I ever thought I would write, that certainly was never one of them. Thanks to a tipoff on tumblr, we've been informed of this video by a Chinese pop-group (is that C-Pop? Is that a thing?) called the "Chopsticks Brothers". The song is called "Little Apple", and there is something rather familiar about this bizarre video.

As user "theonlycottoncandy" pointed out the set of "Little Apple" looks quite similar to a familiar sight on My Little Pony. It looks strikingly similar to Sweet Apple Acres.
It looks similar...because it IS Sweet Apple Acres.

Here is a vector created by a deviatart user named hawk9mm. Using our highly sophisticated detective computers, we have concluded that it is a match to the video above.

In context, you can see the iconic hillside from this other vector from hawk.

So what the fuck is going on here? In truth, we have no idea. The song is called "Little Apple", and it begins with a man and a woman, and then the woman gets surgery and comes out looking like a man. Then they dance naked in Sweet Apple Acres as Adam and Eve.

And people complain about me watching dubbed anime. Look at that mess. You have no fucking idea what's going on don't even kid yourself.

There is some speculation that this is a convoluted reference to masculinity, as larger Adams Apples are common for adult men, and smaller for women. The song's name "little apple" and an evident sex change seems to imply there's a message in there somewhere. Is the set of "My Little Pony" being used as an extension of this metaphor for gender roles? Again we have no idea. The only Chinese we speak comes in the form of fortune cookie wrappers.

Watch the video, it's catchy as fuck.

Will China be the next country to get the pony craze? Could the world handle another billion bronies? Probably not. But that girl does have a strong resemblance to an Apple Bloom cosplayer we saw once.

Google Translate: "I want explode inside apple"

There is a long description that Google Translate most likely butchered, but we provide it here anyway if you want to wade through it.

From Confucianism Italian Film, TV Plus Pictures, Youku produced jointly produced, Shaw Central screenwriter, director, Hong Kong directing Daniel Lee Producer, & q UOT; Chopsticks Brothers "(Shaw Central, Wang Taili), Qu Jingjing starring big movie" Old Boy Meng Long river ", today the first exposure propaganda song" Little Apple "MV." Chopsticks Brothers "changed tear genre to a new retro rhythm of electronic music with catchy lyrics refreshing people, while the MV, the two it is adhering to the electric shadow "play big" spirit, or dresser, or plastic chamber face, or back to the Middle Ages, or caught in the Korean war, the Divine Comedy dramatic plot and the perfect combination of range of children's songs, MV stunning subversion people on the big movie had a strong expectation, while the film side also passed Zhezhi MV, announced big movie "Old Boy" will be held July 10 official public mapping. Divine Comedy "Little Apple" over the ear not forget retro electronic music "brainwashing "audience for" Old Boy "," father "and other songs for people to tear known as" Chopsticks Brothers ", overwhelmed by a change in the past genre, the whole song "Little Apple" music fresh and bright, catchy lyrics, quite retro Divine Comedy demeanor. songwriters author Wang Taili said, "Chopsticks Brothers" always wanted to add a variety of elements in the music, a child often heard "HOLLYWOOD" "warriors" and other disco dance, the Divine Comedy with retro elements with rhythm, is a popular one Tribute species is "Old Boy" ; of youth as to why would a miss called "Little Apple," said Wang Taili:. & quot; Apple is one of people's favorite fruits, apples cherished analogy with human and material very appropriate, this song also with a beautiful film about love. "" You are my little children small apple Yeah, like the horizon of the most beautiful clouds. "song" Little Apple " with a straight from the heart of the match, very unique rhythm, and instantly brings us back to that all young people would go to dance disco era. In "Bird t," "Mars brother", & quo t; stupid punk band "with a retro sweeping the globe when the" Chopsticks Brothers & quo t; timely joined the tide of this unit, do not forget the fresh ear Divine Comedy used for bring the audience to enjoy the ultimate retro electronic music. Birds t-choreographer goddess joined overturned MV fame Index overflowing imagination "Little Apple" MV first exposure, with regard to imaginative picture constantly surprise: "Chopsticks Brothers & quot; adhering Movie "play big" of subversion spirit of the folk in the red and green colors and eating the forbidden fruit reincarnation story line clever fusion. saw their dresser infatuation or watch, or cosmetic face stunned room junior partner, or the incarnation of the medieval version of Adam and Eve, or caught North and South Korea war years, dramatic plot and the Divine Comedy through Van perfect combination of children's songs, plus two to fight large-scale performances, people on the big movie of subversion have a strong expectation , according to the producers revealed that the entire Korean MV film production, the choreography is a bird t "Southern Style" " horse dance "creator, access to South Korea Gaon Music Awards Year Award Li Zhu Shan-style dance teacher , who brought South Korea's top team effort to build a "little apple" signs dancing, Disco textured action clever interface, people can not help but want to follow the music more vacillating and the MV Queen of retro electronic music dance sexy Bae Seul Gi join her debut as a singer. starred in the erotic film "Night closed: Flower of Desire," and Korea became a sensation topic goddess. new retro electronic music rhythm , "Chopsticks Brothers" no limit spoof performances, strong and sexy choreography birds tert Queen Goddess join, making the "Little Apple" MV ornamental value of the index instantly overwhelmed! large film "Old Boy" finally determined to subvert the upgrade file 7.10 absurd comedy five years ago, the micro-film "Old Boy", turned out to watch so many people in tears, "Chopsticks Brothers & quo t; became the best spokesperson and dreams of youth ; After five years, "Chopsticks Brothers" accumulated precipitation, painstaking creation, with a "Way of the Dragon Old Boy" into the big screen. Movie overturn the previous style, with upgrades tells a wonderful story of America enjoyable embarrassing story: Xiao Bao and Wang Xiaoshuai To Dream Dawn of America, not only participate plus a "good American voice" talent contest, also unexpectedly drawn into a gang warfare, they show, dance, play the killer, bubble Babes , suffered a variety of bizarre events. In addition to the new story, the film's scenes and production have also been disruptive upgrades: drama group went to New York field viewfinder, a lot more music, dance and other exciting big screen viewing element, called a full Feelings of absurd comedy. In addition to retro Divine Comedy "Little Apple", but there are a few big movie song "Chopsticks Brothers" play well -made songs, encompassing a variety of types, deep soul is expected to exceed its predecessor, the "father" and so on, I believe that the big movie The music will start another remake craze.
Is it possible for Hasbro to C&D China?

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  1. China has been counterfeited Magic: the Gathering cards for years now and Hasbro is pretty much impotent when it comes to doing anything about it.

    1. Most companies are. China pretty much does whatever the fuck it wants

    2. It's a .png file only fucking casuals call it a 'vector'. Jesus horse news take Computer Science III.
      Also this video is catchy as fuck, China +1.

    3. They called it a vector because it is a high resolution .png file rasterized FROM a vector and the vector version can likely be downloaded. It's a common replacement because no one is going to say "Oh, is that picture a rasterized version of a vector image?". It is much easier to say "Is that picture made using vector art?".

      Don't be that guy who gets all vocab nazi on them.

  2. Hasbro won't C&D the country that makes their toys :^)

    1. they either don't have the balls or just can't because of China's legal loopholes

  3. In China, if a Chinese company clams the name "Apple" before the American Apple does, then the Chinese government will treat the Chinese Apple as the one who owns all the copyrights and treat the American one as pirate. Same thing happened to Monster Hunter. Though many Chinese people are smart enough to know who the real Apple is, the Chinese government will not allow foreigner companies to make money in their land that easy.

    So ya, China sucks.

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