Interview with Rebecca Shoichet - Who Are You and Why should I care - You should care edition

Holy crap, we were actually PRODUCTIVE during BABScon? I thought we just partied and got lost in Chinatown. Either way, we have uncovered another lost installment of "Who are you and why should I care?" Today's guest....Rebecca Shoichet?
Like, the voice of Sunset Shimmer?
Well damn, let's see how we manage to spaghetti this one up.
Nevermind, I guess we actually DID just party and get lost in chinatown at BABScon, this was apparently Everfree Northwest.

Thanks for putting up with us Rebecca.

Comments (6)

  1. Budget Twilight, would not pet.

  2. It's definitely not like your last 2 interviews where with complete nobodies and the audio and video quality where decent, but when you get to interview someone actually fucking relevant to this fandom is awful. Not it's not like that at all.
    10/10 horse news.



  4. I had no idea Twilight's singing voice was this hot.

  5. Chelis, Y u so nervous?

  6. This was at EFNW. I should know, I was in the room during this.