Interview with Dragonfag

With the Summer Cup in full semen-slurping swing, one of our lower reporters dig through skype and implyingrigged archives to find the man behind the biggest controversy in the 4chan Cup, Dragonfag. What followed was an interview on friendly terms, just to get a better idea behind the mastermind behind two cup victories with influence in over ten teams.
Bold: Rarifag Horse News
Standard: Durgenfaf

What teams did you manage/test for in your time?
Full Managing: /3/, /an/, /cm/, /diy/, /hm/, /ic/, /o/, /y/
Sorta lazy not reaaaally managing but having an influence or fucking about or played like 3 games a most: /s/, /vp/, /x/, /jp/
Testing: /mlp/

The obvious question; why test for /mlp/ if you're not a fan of the show/visit the board?
At the time /mlp/ had just gone through an abysmal babby cup with no manager playing 2-2-2-4 and had >4 goal 'tenders'. I offered to help about because it'd be pretty funny to see a big and hated team like /mlp/ do well.

Why exactly did you manage so many teams?
too much free tim/bored tbh. I was underage for the vast majority of dragongate and so naturally had no work or hardcore study to eat up my time. I live in a pretty countryside area so meeting up with mates is difficult + costly

Do you have any desire to return to the 4cc?
Well considering how butthurt I've been about format change decisions, if it'd let me throw my two cents in for a better cup than this semen slurping summer then sure.

What were some of your favorite matches you managed?
/n/, /cm/ and /sp/ obviously. Always fun to test for /cm/ and /n/ because prime goal was to be as entertaining as possible and so I got tests that always had like 6 goals plus. /sp/ because the fanbase made it great. And also /an/ because I just always loved the board and team. /s/ was also an excuse to just fuck around and do whatever while still winning (like going super offensive all 20's when winning because why not? Bantering Muzzy's arab money with filligreesaw was fun too)

Do you have a current favorite team to watch?
Right now /gd/ and /x/ are some of my favourites to watch.

How about a team that you once managed? Do you have any fond feelings for /sp/, /n/, or even /an/? 
Which of them look the strongest now with their new managers?
I'm biased to most if not all of the teams I managed because with about 3 exceptions I go to all of them. Right now I'd fancy /sp/, /an/ or /x/ to do best out of my former teams.

Speaking of which, would it have ever been /o/'s year?
It would have been in Spring if not for a bit of bad luck vs /soc/. Their formation before dragongate was a sick 3-3-2-2 that could have gone really far in any tournament, kinda like /toy/ under tinker/toy/ before he ragequit

Is it true that your hips are wider than your shoulders?

Would you say that a match against PES12 /m/ would have had you beat?
No. /an/ was the only team I managed (after I downloaded PES. I went in to Spring12 blind) that faced /m/ in their prime from Spring-Summer. And then became the first team to shut out /m/'s attack entirely. All testing for /sp/ in summer indicated that they were hugely beatable (4-0 and 5-0 games on test stream) but I rarely played them in PES12. but I doubt it would have stopped me that much.

Looking at the Summer Cup standings, who's your favorite to win?
I have good feelings about /u/ and /x/

Last Question; if the ban was lifted on you, would you return to cup activity?
Gr8 b8 m8. I rel8, str8 appreci8, and congratul8. I r8 this b8 an 8/8.

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  1. The cancer that is Rarifag. He will never grow up.

  2. Well now I know who 'Dragonfag' is, I'd never heard of him before so it obviously worked.

  3. Ask him if he will be nest