M.A. Larson and Peter New forcing another brony documentary

In yet another attempt to milk this fandom's chapped raw tits for all their worth, it seems we're receiving what can be assumed to be our 129th Brony Documentary. However, following in the trend of staff members being in charge of said films, this film comes to us via Morgan Analravage Larson and Peter "I really only say two things" New.

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In case you don't have a twitter or look at Equestria Daily (that dirty lower tier news site), then you missed what is either a skillful amount of bait or the continuation of more fandom documentaries. My Aching Larson tweeted this several hours ago, fully aware of the hell he would create announcing such a project.
This comes as a shock, or even an annoyance to several people. Considering we already have far too many documentaries about men enjoying little ponies, both fan made and staff run. In fact this will be the third staff associated flick, the first being the now infamous "Bronies: Unexpected fans..." from Faust, DeLancie, and Strong.

Then we have the upcoming film from Ashleigh Ball and some other Canadians entitled "Brony Tale"

Boy the tagline really makes me want to see this...
So apparently we're now dealing with a trilogy of documentaries. Now what can we expect in the third installment in the hands of Major Anal Larson and Peter New? Well so far we can expect wings.

And musical numbers.

Other than the that, apparently even the two of them don't even know what the hell to do with the footage. Is it going to be played off as a funny and inside joke latent film? Will it be uplifting, defending the brony name? Like I said, apparently the directors have no clue.

Hey don't worry reader! Apparently the third times going to be the charm for this unnamed project. Just like The Godfather Part III, Alien 3, Matrix Revolutions, or Indiana Jones and Lost Crusade! How do we know this? Both men swear by their handy work, it being the best in every way.

Step up your meme game people
As always, we can rest assured there will be a healthy amount of autism, especially considering the venue was TrotCon. In any case, we here at Horse News wish Magical Arab Larson and Peter Nude the best of luck with their project and would like to offer one healthy reminder. The ride started on /co/, not /b/.

Also don't let Everfree Network anywhere near your project.

Note: Horse News now offers free exorcisms and anal cleanings to all of those who see this latest film. Or whatever video Digibrony just made, either way Jesus loves you.

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  1. Another documentary?
    Why don't they produce an action thriller Michael Bay pony plushie explosion movie?
    I'd rather watch my insane idea.

    1. But there was already a pony plushie explosion occurence.
      Or rather, there was an explosion inside of a plushie

  2. God no help plz

  3. >Don't let Everfree Network anywhere near your project

    Especially not Osama Jackoff.

  4. This shitfest will be out in 2 days. Prepare for autism.

  5. How about instead of focusing on grown men, they discuss what the show has meant to women and girls first, and then "oh yeah- it's also got this strange fan base."?

  6. >mfw when all the comments take this seriously
    >mfw none of them are serious

    1. "Brony documentaries" confirmed for trigger word.

  7. >This shitfest will be out in 2 days. Prepare for autism.
    >'serious comment'

  8. Well when it comes out we will be able to measure how unnecessary something is at least.

  9. And in their version, brownies would come from /d/

  10. Why do people buy documentaries about themselves?

    That's like lions watching National Geographic.

  11. I'm up for it. I'd like to see bronies from Larson and New's perspectives.