HN 24 hour live stream highlights

this screen a lot.

     It was a long 24 hours as Horse News played games such as "Brony Con The Game!" (Diablo), "Left For Dead 2", Civilization V and many more.

 The stream was very successful as Horse News raised $0 for the van, 10 views the whole time. At the beginning the stream crashed and froze a lot. That's kind of what you get for planing this for a week but get it all set up within 60 minutes.

       In 'Brony Con The Game" we watch Fimphiliacs battle his way through Brony con as Luran Faust trying to escape Brony con. She then fight Dustykat (the Butcher) for the title of the manlest Brony. This causes an upwar and everyone wants the title so it makes Brony Con a war zone. She then fights Ranka chunk aka Rina Chan (the skeleton dude). We never get to see the final battle with Final Draft.
Horse News losing sanity.

     When Horse News was done sucking at left for dead we changed the game host, but when we did some extrem haxor named faggy fagerson  Hijacked the stream by logging in before anyone else could. He then made an infinity loop of a dubstep song as it over laps, then he made his own call and play some mincraft game named "Rift". He then showed images of Capper's OC butt fucking a futa rarity. Rarity said " pls no masta cappa" or something. It was a very tragic event and left many triggered. They then started doing prank calls and got reported by a unknown sexy anonymous man. The 24 hour stream was put to a different channel and was even more successful with 4 VIEWERS!

    As you can see the stream was very well planend, we raised $0, and nothing wronghappvankdd. We will be sure to do a Christmas Stream. GET HYPE!!

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  1. u fukers fuking fukd it!

  2. Awesome, this went about how'd you'd expect it too. Can some anon link it.
    >inb4 google.

  3. I really do want horse news to succeed in it's van quest... but not enough to pay money. Maybe they should hold a bake sale? They could make little pony colored cupcakes and sell them outside of a shopping mall... totally not creepy

    1. Make 'em donuts based on the nethers of the mane 6 and I'm sure they would sell :^)

    2. Why don't they just get an official Horse News bicycle? Much cheaper and they could put pegs on it and everything.

  4. This article is kinda cancerous, brah. Did anyone at all say this was a bad idea other than me? Did anyone outside of myself realize this was even posted?

  5. That's what you get for confusing BEING IRONIC with having actual sense of humor.