BUCK 2015 not cancelled...?

Cool banner to distract you from the article.

Today, a press release was published from BUCK regarding the "no plans for BUCK 2015" tweet, shortly after the events of last week caused by that one interview. So yes; bottom line expect no BUCK 2015 unless you buy the premium tickets. And lots of them.

BUCK was known for their bragging drama over their huge budgets but take out the bragging their is fact; the britbong land is notorious for being expensive and there is a huge amount of money and effort taken to run the con. And a tl;dr of the article could be expressed in a haiku:

There will be no BUCK;
Instead a smaller event.
Unless they get funds

Haha okay no. It's not a plea for money, but rather an explanation of the future of BUCK. It's likely if, unless a dramatic rise in attendees, there will be no full BUCK next year but rather smaller events or a smaller scale convention.

Regarding last posts accusations of BUCK's large debt and a-bit-too-young management, another BUCK staff member anonymously commented "We didn't have anyone below the age of 17 on team last year. Plus our Guest Manager who contacted all the VAs was a twenty something year old man, not a 16 year old girl. We definitely were not £20k in the red last year or we certainly wouldn't be running this year. So whoever your source is obviously doesn't know what they're talking about."

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  1. I'm more concerned about the slight stinging feeling in my dick after jacking off too hard.

  2. > So yes; bottom line expect no BUCK 2015 unless you buy the premium tickets. And lots of them.

    But we don't mis-manage our money. No. Noooooope. We can just only keep running if everyone attends and gives us lots of money.

    Everyone just uses "Britain" as an excuse for this, but there are other non-pony conventions of similar size that have been running for years.

    1. In BUCK's defense, it is the only con of that sort of size. Most other UK cons are either sponsored or have hundreds of vendors and only a few events

    2. That's simply not true at all. Check out Confuzzled for a convention around this kind of size that's been running for years.

    3. Not true. There are a bunch of costs confuzzled doesn't have to deal with that BUCK does. Not to mention the scale of the event isn't comparable, in terms of attendee volume, scheduling, guest attendance and venue.

  3. Of course they want everyone to pay them lots of money. They owe this years venue $150 000.

  4. is it wrong to have looked at that parking brake through blurry glasses and gotten a hard on before realizing what it was?

  5. you'll get a one day standard pass outta me and that's all you'll get!