Josh Haber Interview - How #based can one man be?

Every now and then, the show staff will do something on Twitter that will remind us all that they can be pretty cool people. Tara will post something sexy, Sibsy will do something to embarrass Mandopony, John DeLancie will have a meltdown and not return for a year and a half, each are enjoyable in their own way. But in Season 4, we were exposed to a new twitter juggernaut, who daily makes us question just how #based one man can be. And that man is named Josh Haber.
How based is he?
Glad you asked.

Well first-off, he was the only writer willing to do an Interview with Horse-News. The above video, hosted by our friends at Ponyville Live (because we know how absolutely potato we are with cameras) was shot during BABScon, with HN writer Ponytoast asking the man himself some questions. We forgot about this were saving it for a slump in hiatus traffic special occasion.

What qualifies this man as being deserving of the honorific title of "Based"?
Well, to answer that, you must first understand what "based" means.

The handy-dandy Urban Dictionary describes it as "#Based is all about being yourself and not caring what anybody else thinks." and "Is when you don't care what people think, it's a way of life. Doing what you want. how u want".

Simply put, #based means that the person in question doesn't give a fuck what you think, and is just being themselves.

This morning, Haber reminded us all just how little he cares for political correctness, especially on twitter, as he tweeted a Jew joke in response to "@midnight". This is hardly the first time he's exercised his first amendment rights in the most hilarious of fashions. When he was first announced as a writer for the show, /mlp/ went digging to learn all they could about him, uncovering a selection of posts that made many think "he's one of us".

Everyone's thinking it, he's just saying it.
First, he made some jokes, which perennial buzzkill Osaka Jack called him out on, but instead of making an unnecessary apology, he just admitted to being a "horrible person". Haber: 1 OJ: 0.
This of course prompted further digging.

We literally could not pick just a few of these gems. So we decided to include them all.

The Favstar Bot really drives it home.

He's a drunkard too? Goddammit we think we're in love.

Are your eyes sparkling yet?

He even was in touch with the community artists BEFORE we knew all who he was.

And he was dropping major spoilers during the year prior to the Season 4 premier.
The man has been described by those who've met him and by heads of conventions of have "Big brass swinging balls" and dammit we can believe it. 

To #based Haber, wherever you are, you can come call us "cocksuckers" any time.

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  1. >Rarity
    >green party
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Try to respond to what he's saying more instead of going just from question to question, it makes it less awkward and makes it seem more like a conversation.

    Good interview regardless, just something to think about

    1. also get two fucking mics and have them not be shitty

  3. This guy does seem pretty cool. I mostly liked his episodes this season, too. Not my new favourite writer just yet, but he has my attention.

  4. This interview was so unprofessional, chaotic, shittly made and cancerous.
    Godspeed, faggots. You shit on everything what EFNs pride themselves on.

  5. Great
    Now if only you also had a Transcript...

  6. >Not asking who's best pony
    >Not asking who's his waifu
    >Not asking the best shippings

  7. Dead serious, who is this interviewer? Is this for real? Because this large, bearded man is the poster-boy for our brand of autism, and honestly I'm impressed. Stammering, sweating, anxious and awkward, this is the kind of man I need in my horse news. I swear to fucking god there is no way you guys unironically chose this guy. God damn, the whole interview is fucking embarrassing satire, and Josh is none the wiser.

    1. That's the glorious PonyToast. Not sure if improv or severe autism.

    2. It's one of the two, I assure you.

  8. Fuck Osaka Jack. Osaka Jack needs to mind his own fucking business. He's an egotistical weeaboo asshole, and I hope he dies of fucking AIDS and rots in hell.

  9. Jesus Christ, Osaka Jack is an autistic Weeaboo twat.

    Who the fuck can stand that asshole?

    1. I certainly can't. He'll block from his twitter ANYONE who disagrees with him. Or says anything "offensive."