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It's convention season yet again. And this week there is only one con we even want to post about, and shockingly it doesn't even happen until late October. By the sounds of it, Nightmare Nights 2: Electric Scootaloo is going to be pretty off the chain, but the head honchos aren't going to spoil all the fun at once. Some jerk told them to unveil their guests in order of height. Whether or not they are sticking with that, we have no Idea, but we do know they provided us with this handy dandy press release, and a blank image macro, that we would never encourage our readers to deface. (Please leave all defaced macros linked in the comments below).

Also Tabitha and Britt are heading down to the Con in Texas where we dropped over 4 tons of spaghetti last year.

Fillies and gentlecolts, rejoice--in fear--as we grace you with the presence of the magnificent Tabitha St. Germain and the fabulous Britt McKillip! This year, Nightmare Nights Dallas gets the royal treatment when these two Princess VAs descend on Addison, Texas for a weekend of fun, excitement, and, of course, some Nightmare Night frights!
As you all know, Tabitha voices Princess Luna and her dark alter ego, the Mare in the Moon herself, Nightmare Moon, as well as the Element of Generosity, Rarity. Her MLP:FiM voice portfolio continues, with Tabitha also voicing Granny Smith, Photo Finish, Mrs. Cake, Bon Bon, Golden Harvest, Lily Valley, Fluttershy’s Discorded gravy boat (“Who’s a cute li’l gravy boat?”), Pound Cake, Philomena, Suri Polomare, and everyone’s favorite muffin-loving mare, [NAME REDACTED]. For more information on Tabitha’s personal history, this video explains it better than we ever could. If you’d like to peruse her full acting resume, make yourself a snack, get comfortable, and look over these several pages. 

Joining the Princess of the Night is the Princess of Love, or at least her voice, Britt McKillip! Britt started her acting career with a bang, appearing alongside Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, and Don Cheadle in Mission to Mars. She’s also appeared in Dead Like Me, and on stages everywhere as a member of One More Girl, the Canadian Country Music Association award-winning band, currently signed with Interscope records. Her animation credits include Strawberry Shortcake, Bratz, and Tra La La from the previous generation of My Little Pony. 

To help celebrate our Guests of Honor announcement, we have a contest for you! See our picture above? Those are Tabitha and Britt’s OCs wearing some rather fantastic cosplays of their respective princesses! We challenge you to fill in their speech bubbles with what you think they’d be saying! Submit your images to our Facebook page or tweet them to @NightmareNights with the hashtag #NMNDPrincesses. Then, send an email with your entry attached to along with your name! Anyone can enter, but you must be registered for NMND 2014 to be eligible for our winner’s prize! The winner will be chosen on June 15th and will receive a super secret special prize at the con! 

Finally, Vendor Applications will be accepted through June 16th! We’ll notify all applicants of their status no later than July 1st. Applications can be found on our website.
Art by Ashy Girl 

Nightmare Nights Dallas (NMND) is Texas’ biggest My Little Pony convention, and will be held on October 24-26, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Addison in Addison, Texas. Contact with any questions! Join us on the web at

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  1. Britt McKillip is smoking hot

    1. She's alright. I wonder if anyone could get her to do some seductive Cadance lines. I need it. For research.

    2. ^ Twilight, stahp, she's your sister-in-law.

  2. I can imagine Britt saying something like "This suit smells like bronies! Yuck!"