4chan Cup Scarf Deadline

We have received word from our friend (known lovingly as "ScarfAnon") that the deadline for batch #3 of the /mlp/ 4chan Cup Scarf is rapidly approaching, as is the next 4CC friendly match.
If you have placed an order or have shown interest in getting your hands on the iconic neckwear, you are hereby reminded that the deadline is June 5th, if you want to get in on this batch.

The scarves are made in small exclusive quantities, and less than 170 exists worldwide, framing some well-known faces as seen above. ScarfAnon says the deadline for the order is June 5th, so that they can hopefully all reach their destinations before the 4chan Summer Cup kicks off in August.

The next round of friendlies in which /mlp/ is playing is on June 7th, against /diy/ in what is being dubbed as the "3rd Placeb Owl". Both /mlp/ and /diy/ will be coming on to the pitch following losses at their previous friendly matches. /mlp/ falling to /k/ 0-1 in the Magical Place Massacre, and /diy/ falling to /ck/ 0-2 in the Krab Meat Cookoff.

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  1. /k/ vs /mlp/ = Magical Mistery Massacre.

  2. Hooray for fake computer futbol.

  3. who's the grill on the top right of the picture?

  4. Replies
    1. Would like to know this too.

    2. If I remember correctly, you're supposed to get on the waiting list via email, then send ScarfAnon 30-40 shekels once he starts getting ready to start shipping out scarves.

    3. Where can we get a hold of ScarfAnon?

  5. Capper seems to have failed this one.

    Anyone interested in contacting him about ordering a scarf should e-mail: giddyup@derpymail.org

    Below is a copy of the most recent email that he sent out, so here is your details about the orders.

    (Guess the max characters for this is 4k characters, use the link below)


    1. The puu.sh file seems to have mangled the Euro(€) symbol, the price is in fact 18€