Ponycon This Weekend: Concerts, Magic, Card Tournament

Last night we said that there was probably only going to be one convention worth reporting on this week. We were wrong, because Big Apple Ponycon sent us an email detailing all the awesome shit they're going to have out in Jersey City. Among them a Regional CCG tournament held by Enterplay, a makeover spa, a magic show, and a concert that you DON'T have to pay 60 extra dollars to see!
Check out the copypasta below.

Ponycon is THIS WEEKEND!!!!!
(and it's going to be SO AWESOME!)
Thank you fans for spreading the love and the word. Your ticket purchases allow us to keep investing in guests, features, and fun to make it the BEST CON EVER!

Lady Aria Phantasy 
One of the biggest programs at the convention is going to be Lady Aria's anticipated performance on June 7th at 3:00 pm
Singing as Rarity, Cadence, Luna and Celestia, Queen Chrysalis and others, "LADY ARIA'S FANTASY" will be a full hour of selections ranging from MLP:FiM music by Daniel Ingram extending to classic opera, animation to modern Broadway, and cinema.

MLP Collectible Card Game Regional Tournament Kickoff to take place at Ponycon
Enter-PLAY announced their first official regional tournament would be held at Big Apple Ponycon on June 6th and 7th. The tournament will feature exclusive prizes and random loot, including play mats and T-shirts. Additionally, there will be an exclusive promo card! Finally, winners will have the chance of being invited to an exclusive, invitation only tournament at GenCon.

Get Gorgeous! In Ponycon’s MAKEOVER SPAThe runaway fashion runway hit from last year is back! Ponycon's "Pretty Parlor" Makeover Spa is the cool spot to get a fun new look,
with pretty pony themed hair extensions, barrettes, and clips!
Get a new 'do!
A temp tattoo!
Makeup and fantasy face painting!
Glittery manicures by Rainbow Honey
Accessories by Moony Couture
Located right inside the con's main entrance.
Make it your first stop- and get yourself Pony Fabulous!

Need to know day of show list 
Pick up your badge at the box office as you enter the convention. Pre-registered ticket purchasers will have a separate line. 

Where/when do I get my ticket?
Please bring the confirmation email you received when you registered. If you do not have this email, we can look you up using your photo ID. You will receive your badge at the door. 
Can I transfer my ticket?
Yes - please email us at registration@bigappleponycon.com with the OLD and NEW ticket information from the email address you used to purchase the ticket.
Will tickets be available at the door? 
If we still have tickets available, yes. Tickets will be available at the door at the same prices currently on the website. All tickets are festival seating general admission and we only 2 day tickets are available. 
Can I upgrade a ticket I've already purchased to Sponsor?
Yes! Please email us at registration@bigappleponycon.com for details or request an upgrade at the box office. 
Can I use a promo code if I pay at the door?

Magic brings out the kid in all of us, the feeling of wonder, and laughing out loud. Alex Kazam's 20 minute show will feature a variety of illusions with tricks up his sleeve to baffle and bemuse. Bring the kids, bring the grandparents, and have a great time together. This show is perfect for families but it is recommended for kids at least 5 years old.  

See you on Friday! 

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  1. $90 for a 2 day con that runs Friday into Saturday? What kind of crack are these people smoking?

    And can I have some?

  2. Sounds overpriced and boring.