What to watch for: Hiatus Drama

With a memorable season 4 winding down, the beginning of waiting for the next season, and Equestria Girls stuff in between the waiting; we at >Horse News know that with every off season the drama is going to happen. Even with our crack news team providing the #rekt by #rekt coverage for the rest of the hiatus, we believe you all should know of the impending drama that you may not know might happen, or that will be carrying itself into the off-season.

Our "what to watch for" after the break!

EFN vs PVL: Fight to the finish

"Rule #1: No touching to the waifus or husbandos... and that's it!"

As of the publishing of this article, PonyvilleLive! is the only major convention streaming service of the fandom. EverfreeNetwork is planning their redemption of a disastrous Babscon appearance at MLP-MSP, where rumors are starting that it might be another unicon.

Pinkiegroany and April's fools

>heterosexuality is bad   

Rainbow Rocks and Equestria academy

A lot less drama but the same people complaining about >no hooves over the anticipated release of the sequel to Equestria Girls and the recently confirmed television spinoff. But hey, at least that means more porn right?

The end of a bromance

No worse enemy than a old friend
Brony power couple AC Racebest and Saberspark ended their power years long #bromance a within the last day. According to their agents, they broke up on good terms and cite any upcoming twitter feuds as "boys being totally platonic with no sexual undertones boys"

4chan summer cup

After receiving a grim reminder from 'Bert Is A Titan' that eventually turned into a 3rd place finish in the winter cup, will /mlp/ take home the cup this summer and turn 4chan into a spaghetti wasteland?

and of course, the biggest drama since the first episode was aired will still be raging on: Best pony?

Of course, there will be drama we wont see coming. But, if there is you can be rest assured /mlp/ will get to the bottom of it and >Horse News will report.

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  2. Saberspark is still a thing?

  3. Not even the porn is worth more EqG. The EqG porn isn't even any good regardless.
    EqG is all shit, all the time.
    And now, since the hiatus has officially begun, the only MLP news/content will be EqG related, which I cannot abide without descending into a twitching, frothing rage, so until the beginning of season 5 I will disconnect from pony news sites altogether, including this last bastion against Hasbro's bullshit. At least this place didn't actively suck Hasbro's fetid, unwashed cock.

    Oh, and one last thing:
    McCarthy lied about Flash, multiple times.
    He appeared in Three's a Crowd and everyone said it was just a line-less cameo, added by an animator.
    I told everyone it was only the beginning; they'd add him bit by bit until he marries Twi.
    Today's ep was proof. He gets a cameo and a line. And his name in the credits.
    Next, he'll be transferred from the Crystal Kingdom to Twilight's Castle, as Captain of the Guard. At first, it'll be business, formality. Until they spend more and more time together, culminating in a second Hearts and Hooves Day episode, featuring Twi and Flash going on a date.
    Eventually season 5 will end with another marriage. Introducing Prince Flash Sentry.

    And the public, the target audience, and the Bronies will eat it up like pigs at a trough.

    1. Aha. Well, have fun with that then.

    2. Truly these are the end times

    3. Oh boo hoo, the BIG, BAD Flash Sentry got another 5 seconds cameo with a minor role; and he has a slight chance of becoming a more on-screen character and maybe fleshed out more than he was in Equestria Girls.

      You poor dear, you, it must be awful letting minor concerns completely ruin any enjoyment you might have.
      I reiterate: BOO HOO HOOOO

    4. But seriously, stop being so autistic with your "I'm right hurr durr" shit posting, you somehow make /mlp/ and Horse News worse

    5. OH MY FUCKING GOD, OP is complaining that flash will get slow and gradual character growth and eventually fall in love. He doesn't even realize the reason we hate flash is because he was just shoehorned in as a random mook that twilight gets all blushy over. I literally would have no problem with a character having a LONG AND PROGRESSIVE string of appearances and falling in love with one of the waifu 6

    6. Anon 5 is right. Flash is terrible because he's underveloped and bland. Giving him more screentime only serves to FIX the problem.

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  5. Speaking of Pinkiepony, did anyone email her principals from Kempsville High School about her behavior before she graduates?

  6. Awesome finale! Loved it :D

  7. Flash Sentry and a gay ending.

    Other than that, HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT.
    Return of Harmony as the best episode ever has been finally fucking dethroned today.

    1. I dunno- as a childless man-child, I was struck that the fight scene was a little extreme for a children's show period, and sort of out of character for the show itself (as in very little prescedent for brutality).

      That said, they treated Discord really well, and the actor who played Tirek sounded like John DiMaggio.

      Also liked the facial acting on the alicorns after giving up their magic , and all the dom/sub pron that will inevitably spawn from that sort of power play. Kinky as shit and bloodletting.

    2. Agreed. Ending was pretty dumb (and those rainbow power designs too), but it was a great finale overall. I was satisifed.

  8. childless manchild anon, did you ever see the G1 cartoon? This was tame compared to some of the shit that went on there.

  9. I love you jesus