The Mouthpiece Saga Day 2 - Conflict Recap

As per the standard protocol with the regularly-scheduled monthly shitstorm, things have once again gotten completely out of hand, as one group tries to argue on behalf of the freedom of speech the other tries to argue for...well basically on behalf of hate and the sake of argument.

We have entered Day 2 of, what we are calling the "Shut Your Mouthpiece" saga, and the landscape is now littered with the remains of laptop screens and keyboards that participants have punched in or smashed their heads on, in an effort to cope with the absurdities being spewed forth from the bowels of tumblr and twitter.

And it's far from over.
It began yesterday when a tumblr user volunteered themself to be the new PinkiePony, by attempting to censor others, while using an image of Pinkie Pie as the vehicle for the message that "Rape Jokes Are Never Funny", accompanied by a bold message telling users to not repost the image elsewhere.

The issue at hand (a connection that many debaters have either ignored or do not understand) was that nobody that began to edit the image was in support of rape (as yesterday's letter to the HN staff indicated) but rather that the likes of Plumsweet were censoring the freedom of speech of others, and were turning ponies into a political platform. Also the fact that humor is one method that many actual victims of sexual assault use for coping with the trauma associated with the act.

One victim pointed out that making jokes about it was one of the few things that keeps them from suicide, and that attempting to stifle his ability to do so was much more offensive to him than the jokes themselves. The tumblr users were not going to listen however, in that instance actually scolding the sexual assault victim who copes by using comedy, and telling them  "Don’t walk around laughing about rape" and "Don’t turn around and be upset".

Instead of acknowledging the issue of tumblr-imposed censorship on the rights of victims, the neo-feminists instantly took the position, that anyone who disagrees with them is a rapist, and, quite literally stereotyping and hating on an entire group of people, as this post from Plumsweet  shows.

If you cannot read it, due to the abrasive colorscheme, the post reads
"bronies are shit. there is no nice brony if you are nice and like mlp fucking awesome - just dont consider yourself as a brony!!!
bronies = scum if youre not causing harm or being a fucking twat just dont consider yourself a brony, dont defend them just stop ok? <333
im really liking this “ponies against bronies” thing
dont repost my art anywhere, and dont bother whining about whatever either i literally dont care
you could call their actions a bunch of………… HORSE SHIT HAHA"

This post is not unique. The assertions that speech alone causes sexual assault were sent to the HN inbox, with one message that read (after a long message regarding a previous post) "also it's been proven that rape jokes cause rape, please inform yourself before talking about the subject, coming from a fellow brony here man, thanks 4the time". 

It is assumed that this Anonymous poster, as well as many of those involved in the skirmish are asserting the existence of "rape culture", a concept which the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network recently denounced in its policy recommendations to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, as not being a real thing.

From the Press Release:

In the last few years, there has been an unfortunate trend towards blaming “rape culture” for the extensive problem of sexual violence on campuses. While it is helpful to point out the systemic barriers to addressing the problem, it is important to not lose sight of a simple fact: Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions, of a small percentage of the community, to commit a violent crime.

As it stands, our staff is unsure where the "proof" that "rape jokes cause rape" is coming from, but it is clearly not from recognized national authorities on the topic.

Following that piece of insight, another proponent of first amendment rights laid the situation out as follows, later intentionally invoking Godwin's Law for effect:

"There is nobody in this argument who is "PRO Rape"
That's fucking absurd, and only serves to polarize their opponents and remove the middle ground. And they are doing a piss-poor job of it.
The sides of the argument ARENT EVEN ABOUT RAPE
They're about being either "Pro Freedom of Speech" or "Pro-Arbitrary-Censorship"
The arguement isnt about whether Rape is good or bad, it's about whether people should have the right to DEAL with such an atrocious concept in thier own way."
Eager to solidify the fact that this issue has to do with First Amendment Rights (and also the fact he has never read the First Amendment), was a brony-hater named "Wooflepup" who posted this gem:

"casual reminder that freedom of speech, as by the american constitution, was intended to apply only to opinions on the government
your “jokes and parodies” are still hate crimes"

While Wooflepup awaits his appointment to the United States Supreme Court, we will, for clarity's sake, link you to a copy of the United States Constitution, and assure our readers that, no, that is not how it works.

The "edited mouthpieces" began to pile up (Derpibooru has over 140 images tagged "mouthpiece" at the time of posting) and as such a new tumblr was created to showcase them dubbed "My Little Mouthpiece"

The original artists, who themselves create images based on copyrighted characters under fair use for parody couldn't allow that, and attempted to get "My Little Mouthpiece" taken down as a copyright violation, despite it too being a parody, for the purpose of criticism.
As of press time it has not been removed by tumblr.

It didn't take long at all for the SJW side of the argument devolve to directly calling entire groups of people obscenities, and in one instance, asking for the murder of a human as a birthday gift.

The wisest members of the fandom have saw fit to ignore the flames, or to at least watch silently, while the 2 juggernauts of opinion; 4chan and Tumblr, waged their conflict across several websites. Others however, were not so firm.

Fandom Artist "Leekfish" began to tweet her opinion on the matter, taking the position of the SJW's that humor should be censored and discounting the opinions of anyone who thinks otherwise.

Please refer to the RAINN press release above.
 The argument on twitter lasted several hours and ended with Leekfish threatening to block people.

The following morning, another Fandom artist, the widely-beloved Pixelkitties created her own image, parodying the nature of the Mouthpiece Movement, effectively acknowledging how ridiculous using ponies to promote a political agenda is.

She followed up by laying a reality check on those involved, that this is supposed to be a community that enjoys a cartoon and nothing more.

"I don’t deal in stereotypes or broad generalizations or beating people over the head with the cudgel of my own personal beliefs.  I have faced pain and suffering and discrimination and hurt and heartache in my life- just the same as anyone.  I’ve done good things and bad, brave and cowardly, honorable and self-serving. I have been there, just the same as you.  And because of that, more than anything else in this world, I believe in empathy and understanding, never condemnation.  My past mistakes- and they are multitude- is today’s lesson and tomorrow’s regret.  I dare not judge or begrudge others for their missteps along the way. 
Put simply-be nice, don’t hurt others and enjoy the cartoon.  That’s it.  That’s the Beer Horse manifesto."

The conflict rages on, with the same points being regurgitated again and again, all across tumblr, with the SJW's continuing to discriminate against entire groups of people, and in some cases telling rape victims personally that they are coping incorrectly.

Tenaflyviper chiming in

The hour is getting late, and Day 3 of the "Mouthpiece Saga" is poised to dawn soon. Will either side back down (or more realistically rage-quit) any time soon?
Will the SJWs continue to label the entire brony culture negatively and seek to censor and police the actions of the entire community?

In short, will the hypocrisy ever end?

Not likely. 

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  1. Remember the days when we just watched a fun little cartoon about cute ponies doing cute pony things together?

    1. Pixelkitties has it right. Remember when tumblr was mostly used for ask blogs and sharing art about the show? Not someplace to whinge about how this that or the other person in fandom wrong you and then somehow hold the rest of the fandom accountable for them?

      Good times

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Pepperidge Farms remembers...

    4. I think that era lasted until approximately two minutes after the first episode finished airing.

    5. Those were the days. I wish I could just go home to Mama.

  2. On the one hand, I personally find rape jokes reprehensible. On the other hand, St. George:

    1. Like he opens in that, this debate isnt even about whether or not it's funny or socially acceptable, its about the right to say it

  3. I never cease to be impressed at how much research and in depth reporting you guys do for fandom related drama and such. So, thanks for giving me something to sit back and watch explode while I eat my popcorn.

  4. I remember a bunch of times, "certain people" on here has disagreed with me, and made up complete (Or mostly) biased arguments...
    Do the idiots expect there "bullshit!" or "nope" claims to be "correct"?

    I have asked these two idiots for "concrete" evidence or at least legit arguments that could debunk any of my claims.. And so far:


    Really, I asked this loser on hotmail, over and over again, and he failed to answer with any legit arguments.. Just "bullshit about" -blank-.

    That's it...

    Whether you are doing it for "humor" or not, it deserves to be argued. Or sometimes at least laughed at for the failure of properly arguing back.
    Science > Biased

    1. "I remember a bunch of times certain people on here have disagreed with me. They made up completely biased arguments. Do the idiots expect their claims of, "Bullshit" or "Nope" to be acknowledged as correct?

      I have asked these two individuals for concrete evidence or at least more legitimate arguments that could debunk any of my claims and so far have received no reply.

      I made repeated requests to the person in question but he has failed to provide a satisfactory refutation.

      Whether you are doing it for humor or not, it deserves to be argued. Sometimes it deserves to be laughed at for the poor structuring of it's argumentation.

      A solidly grounded rational argument will always be superior to one born of emotion and personal experience.

      I can say that even with extensive editing, this post remains unintelligible. We literally have no idea what you're talking about. If you'd like to debate something place it on a public forum. No one is impressed by unverifiable tales of literary might.

    2. It's not like it's needed to type exactly like that. I remember typing more different, and people still understood me.

      You are kind of re-editing my info into something I wasn't trying to say a little:
      "I remember a bunch of times certain people on here have disagreed with me. They made up completely biased arguments. Do the idiots expect their claims of, "Bullshit" or "Nope" to be acknowledged as correct?"
      I wasn't trying to say "completely biased", as there was some fair criticism. That's why I put (or mostly)

      "I have asked these two individuals for concrete evidence or at least more legitimate arguments that could debunk any of my claims and so far have received no reply."

      I actually have gotten replies, but my point was that each reply was completely useless of the main arguments.

      "Whether you are doing it for humor or not, it deserves to be argued. Sometimes it deserves to be laughed at for the poor structuring of it's argumentation."
      I could say that, but I don't see anything wrong with my own alternative.

      "A solidly grounded rational argument will always be superior to one born of emotion and personal experience."
      Good, but is it really necessary to say it like that? Unless maybe I was writing for a certain kind of article purpose maybe...


      My suggestion though is that you should of turned your edit into quotes too, since your last paragraph feels like it's part of it. Oh, wait (Noticed after writing) I noticed that you tried doing that..

      Also, the bold number thing was just a style.. A lot of people on this site does this..

    3. Holy shit this had nothing to do with you haha. This just keeps giving us more and more laughs

    4. Congratulations on annoying Derpibooru's userbase by vandalizing their image tags, by the way.

    5. You've missed the point of the edit. I can't say I'm exactly surprised though. The point was even after moving everything into a more readable format what you're saying is still beyond the domain of readability. I'll repeat my request since it seems to have gone over your head.

      If you have something to debate go ahead and post it. I'm sure the people here would be more than happy to offer valid refutation.

    6. Does "EVERY" SJW??????????? have to "use" so many?? fucking "quotation marks" or what????

  5. It's articles like these that make me think that this site might actually be legit news source.

    1. It'll pass.

    2. If it's not entertaining - it's NOT news!

  6. Well when you see pictures, links, and sources... yeah its likely a real article.

    When you don't... Self explanatory.

  7. So from all this, I can gather that deviantArt is no longer the breeding ground for mass autism... instead, it's tumblr.

    And the autism comprises itself of "feminists" (who would much more fit the bill as, "crazy pieces of literal shit").

    Got it.

    1. It's just a different type of bullshit, and it has one name: teenagers.

      Most of the users on tumblr are teens crusading against something because they need to. It's like puppies teething. They pick sides and bury themselves deep into the issues. Ultimately it will only become a problem when they start making good arguments that can't be shot down. If this article is any indication, that's not happening any time soon.

      Just stay the fuck away from tumblr. Even it's creator despises what it's become.

  8. >also it's been proven that rape jokes cause rape, please inform yourself before talking about the subject, coming from a fellow brony here man, thanks 4the time
    it's been proven that that statement is bull-fucking-shit maybe