The /mlp/ League

A fun idea in a recent 4chan Cup thread; much like how the board /vg/ has its own league where the generals play against each other, /mlp/ is notorious for a shitload of generals and, given enough participation, will have its own league. Find out more below.
The Rules for the tourney will be standard 4CC rules concerning cards, heights, positions, captaincies, etc. A host is yet to be found, and as of now only three teams have shown a lot of interest; My Massive Pony, Fallout Equestria, and Horse News itself has made its own team.

Every general is invited to participate, however an ideal form would be 8 to 16 teams. Regardless, please step up as managers! Post in the upcoming /4ccp/ threads and ask your generals if they'd like to participate! Dates are to be set up, recognition by the main /vg/ thread is unlikely, and you might be able to get kits done by MauledByTheTigers of /trv/. Maybe.

And one final thing; there is the concern that there will be generals whose members may not be 100% sold on the idea of downloading PES14 or PEES. That's cool. Members of the official 4CC who are willing to make exports for those teams without PES but have willing managers who want to live-manage will be found.

Potential Teams:

Anon in Equestria - /aie/ - AIE
ASNYIP - /asnyip/ - YIP
Bat Pony Thread - /bat/ - BAT
Colt Cuddler General - /ccg/ - CCG
Draw Thread - /draw/ - DRW
EqG Fingerbang Thread - /fing/ - FNG
FEMTORPG - /fem/ - FEM
Flutterape - /flt/ - FLT
FOE: A Post Nuclear Pony Thread - /foe/ - FOE
Foot Fetish General - /ffg/ - FFG
Horse News - /hn/ - HN
MLP General - /mlpg/ - MGE
Moth Pony Thread - /moth/ - MOT
My Loyal Ponies - /loyal/ - LOY
My Massive Pony - /mmp/ - MMP
Nightly Drinking Thread - /ndt/ - NDT
Oedipus Thread - /oed/ - OED
Petplay General - /pet/ - PET
Plane Ponies - /plane/ - PLN
Ponies in Earth - /pie/ - PIE
Pony Tickling General - /ptick/ - TIC
Pony Transformation General - /ptg/ - PTG
Pregnancy General - /preg/ - PRG
Satyr Abomination Thread - /sat/ - SAT
T:EM/P/O - /tempo/ - TEM

Comments (16)

  1. This is just autistic enough that it might actually work!

  2. ya es hora equipo caballo- /yeh/

    1. You wanna make a team? Go right ahead, post in the thread

  3. Don't forget fanfiction. /fic/ perhaps?

    1. This, so much. That is a team that I'd certainly root for.

  4. I'm an active member of the NDT, well as active as we can be with constantly being scruffed. I could manage the team.

    1. I was at one time, before they were scruff'd constantly. I'd give ya a hand brother.

  5. Where the fat ponies at? /fat/

    1. It could be My Massive Pony, but I'm just a lowly anon....

  6. No Ass Worship? No Milky thread? If you're going to use the generals as Teams, you might as well use the ones from the old days, ya know? I would make one, but I don't know a damn thing about Soccer, outside of >rape is best player.

  7. I would totally do one for Headcanon – /hc/

  8. >implying most of the 4CC managers know anything about actual soccer

  9. I think I could represent /ASN/ (Aw Shit Nigga You's In Ponyville). Currently I'm trying to make a Blender / face model for the protagonist. When I download the PES crack, AVG tells me it is a virus. Is it something about the torrent itself, or should I just ignore it?

  10. Can there be a Aryanne team?

  11. Can anyone tell me how it is playes? Does players play, or does AI play? If it is players who play it, how do you join? There should be more information than just history at implying rigged.