Season 5 confirmed...for 2015

It will least 6 months until we see ponies again...
Prepare for an obscenely long hiatus which we may not survive.
The Stream is an absolute trainwreck, with less than 2 minutes of the half-hour (and continuing) stream being seen so far.

What we know?
That Tara and Meghan kidnapped a brony. That Season 5 is a thing. And that they are almost blissfully unaware that none of this is working.

To The Zam: Man, we've come a long way.

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  1. Mfw Dan's face behind that guy.

    1. What do you mean I was cancelled?
      >Phone noises
      Well can't they UN-cancel me?
      >Unsure phone noises
      Can't you go higher up on the chain or something?
      >Explanatory phone noises
      So what if I didn't appeal to the target demographic, I was great and they know it!
      >Agreeing phone noises
      Look, I don't care what you have to do or who you have to do it to but you need to get me one more season so that I can finish the trade deal with-
      >Hesitant phone noises
      What do you mean you want time off, what do think I'm paying you for?
      >Silent phone noises
      Oh you did not just hang up on me! Hello? Hello? I know where you sleep!
      >Stares af phone and tosses it to the ground, it shatters
      >Dan stands over the shattered phone in disbelief at the hand the universe has dealt him this day
      >He drops to his knees and starts picking through the wreckage
      >He takes a deep breath and rears up screaming at the sky so that they very gods themselves might fear his wrath


      >Payphone noises
      Chris, if you don't pick up the phone this second I swear I will...


      Or was it?


  3. Well, it'll still be here before Sherlock season 4...

  4. We made it through the almost 9 month season 3 to 4 hiatus. I think we can survive this one, unless they end episode 26 on a cliffhanger ala s2e25, then we're screwed.