Ponies + Amsterdam = HIGH point of 2015 calendar

A man once said "There are too many pony conventions". That man (who later went on to run his own) was an idiot, especially when he didn't even consider the possibility of a pony convention being held in AMSTERDAM. An Indiegogo page has sprung up for "Hearth's Warming Con 2015", a proposed pony convention in the City of Hoofddorp in the Netherlands.

That's right fucker; Hoofddorp.
That's the name of the City.
It just gets better from there.

Normally, HN doesn't get too hype for conventions this far in advance OR that far away, but for those of you who haven't already opened Google Maps to see if "Hoofddorp" is a real place or not (it is by the way), it is a 22 minute transit to the City of Amsterdam.

What's so special about Amsterdam you ask?

Are you serious? As a wise man in a bad movie once said "Amsterdam; it's like Disneyland for college students."

A society where recreational marijuana use and prostitution has been decriminalized and legal for decades, in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Or so we're told by our Dutch friends. Of course we're sure that our readers are in no way interested in spending an entire weekend in Europe, wasted in ways previously unachievable in the United States (even at LPU), It's all about the friendship...and ponies..and the wonderful European culture...and oh who are we kidding?

This convention, if successful, could literally be the high point of the 2015 convention calendar, and we support it in every way.

So, what do you have to do to make our your dreams come true?
Well currently they are trying to raise about 3000 Euro, of which they have raised about half so far.
So, throwing sheckels at them is entirely an option.

Here's what the campaign page says:

The Convention to Bridge the Gap
If you like pony conventions, 2014 is a good year for you. You can spend your entire summer traveling all over Europe for tons of pony fun. But why stop there?
To get you your convention fix in the winter, we're setting up Hearth's Warming Con, the first Friendship is Magic convention in the Netherlands. Just like the cons you know, we'll give our everything to bring together bronies young and old for an awesome event with fun and friends. But this time, you'll be able to enjoy this during the off-season, in February 2015.
The Program  In those cold winter months, Hearth's Warming Con will provide a warm and cozy environment to catch up with old friends and make new ones over the course of our two-day program.
We start off with Hearth's Warming Eve, where we come together for a community dinner and a night of being together. Note that the capacity for this night is limited.The day after is Hearth's Warming Day, which is more akin to what you're used to from other conventions. We'll bring you panels, games, a lottery, an auction and all the other fun events. 
Our campaign
To cover our initial costs for the venue and our legal founding, we ask for your help. Your support will help us make this convention a reality and provide an unforgettable experience for over 300 people. As an added bonus, you'll be able to get access to the convention for a special early-bird price.
We want to be very sure that we can acquire enough income to fund the convention, which is why we go for all or nothing. If you want to see this happen, now is the time to help out.

The campaign has 17 days left, and HN needs its fix. So fling some Monopoly money at that Indiegogo, and we will see you at the "coffee shop".

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  1. Amsterdam a shit

    1. ur a shit

    2. Amsterdam has good shit.

    3. Laser shows are overrated.

    4. who is this namefagging autis-
      Oh wait it's LaserPon3, I LOVE YOU MAN!

  2. inb4 Snoop Dogg is a confirmed con guest

  3. We have cons in Washington and Colorado too you know ;)

    1. Prostitution isnt legal in either of those states.

  4. Amsterdamn. Socialism personified, brain dead burnt out stoners and frat boys go to become dead inside and worthless.

    1. For some one who realy lives in the Netherlands i can confirm this.
      Of course not the whole city is like that, but most of it is.

    2. But even so... the rest of the Netherlands is pretty ok.

    3. Oregon and Washington have more progressive legislation with regards to pot than the Netherlands, the bunny ranch is closer than Amsterdam and the girls are less ugly and less likely to be sex slaves.

      If there's any reason to come to Amsterdam for the hedonism, go for quality beer caf├ęs and the variety in music in bars.

    4. Last time I was in the Netherlands I had Stroopwaffles. That shit is good man.

  5. Was disappointed to learn that Hoofddorp translates to Headvillage (Hoofd = head and Dorp = village in Dutch) and is not actually a horse town.

  6. >be a dutchfag
    >see this

    aww shit now I'm gonna be one of those autists who actually go to cons