Hiro Mashima shows pony appreciation, also Xbox did a thing

Yesterday on Twitter, Japanese manga artist Hiro Mashima, tweeted a photo of a hoard of brand new My Little Pony toys, along with a bunch of moonspeak Japanese characters, which Google Translate informs us reads "I had lots of Pony Goods. Thank You.". And he isn't  the only one to let his pony flag fly.

Hiro is kind of a big deal for Anime and Manga fans. He has over 394 Thousand Twitter followers, and is known for his involvement in such works as "Rave" (or "Rave Master" in the US), "Monster Hunter Orage", and the ongoing series "Fairy Tail".

My Little Pony was exported to Japan last year, and if this is any indication, must be catching on.

On this side of the Pacific, Xbox did 2 pony things, first being this now-viral image of an Xbox-pony ad which was tweeted on their official Twitter account, leading in to another wave of for-purchase Microsoft Avatar items on the Xbox marketplace. Among them a Discord costume.
One would assume that such a costume would inherently come with cheat-codes, but alas, this does not appear to be the case.

Comments (5)

  1. Is there going to be a horse game for the Xbone?

  2. Calling it now.


    Poni Edition

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