New image of Adiago Dazzle pops up. Studies confirm she is baked as fuck. (UPDATE: Meet the band)

With Hasbro pushing their new teen girl IP more and more these days, it's clear they are using their Equestria Girls line to accomplish this. First with dj-pon3, blasting Dubstep and innocent bystanders, and now with the new villain, Adiago Dazzle, blazing it up on stage.
More insider info after the break.

HN's inside sources tell us the reason for Dazzle's 420 lifestyle isn't so that she can deal with the hardships of High School, but to hide the fact that she has green eyes and is in fact a Changling.
*Notice the Changling wings on her*

Why do you think they would group Chrysalis with all the EG dolls at the Toy Fair?

Update: Also, meet her stoner bandmates. One of them is literally named "Blaze" and the other "Dusk" which we can only assume is at 4:20pm.

Comments (7)

  1. Her design looks as if they gave a non coloured version to a 6 year old and let her fill it in using MS Paint.

    1. Agreed, I think that they probably did her scheme without a color wheel...
      In a dark room...
      With crayons for cruise control...

  2. This can only go well.

  3. It so reminds me of the Barbie doll at the end of Toy Story 2

  4. Garbage. Heaps and heaps of garbage.
    At the heart of it, FiM was Lauren's attempt to prove you didn't need to make girls' entertainment shallow as fuck. Hasbro didn't learn a thing.

  5. all hasbro wanted was a show that was entertaining enough to be called "good quality" they used lauren to make it great and then told her to go fuck herself, now lauren is "an executive producer" in other words she doesn't do shit and just smiles and waves it's completely unfair and she would never of let equestria girls happen if they didn't kick her off the writing team.

  6. First there's Trixie Lulamoon, then Sunset Shimmer, and now Adiago Dazzle? What did Twilight Sparkle do wrong to make that much villainy rivals?