Meghan takes over Hub's twitter. Answers pre-determined questions with pre-determined answers.

  Just recently, The Hub's twitter account was hacked by a bored Meghan McCarthy.
Before The Hub was able to take back control of their account, Meghan used the account to talk to herself and answer questions no one seemed to ask.

Below the break, you will find a list of answers Meghan gave to the populous of twitter.

A: Yes, the #MLPseason4 finale will have song(s)!

A: There are some surprise cameos in the #MLPseason4 finale.  Can't tell you what they are because, you know, surprise

A: #MLPseason4 has one of most epic showdowns in MLP history.  It is insane!

A: Yes, in a surprising twist, the #MLPseason4 finale will have ponies in it.
Should have tagged that last one with a Spoiler Alert!

A: My favorite new character appears in the #MLPseason4 finale.  But Suri Polomare was a fave too because of how @StTabitha did her voice

A: Sneak peek at the villain getting his evil on in #MLPSeason4 finale...

A: Villain in #MLPseason4 finale has some serious issues and some serious magic.

A: The box is obviously just where Twilight keeps her extra Twilicane.  #MLPseason4

A: #MLPseason4 finale gives even more info about history of Equestria.

A: #MLPseason4 finale is definitely most intense finale yet. Definitely brings the feels.

A: Fave part of #MLPseason4 was getting to do an arc in which lots of eps contribute to a bigger story with a central theme.

A: Prepare to be creeped out by the #MLPseason4 villain... Sooooo creepy...

A: I was thrilled to have @keatingrogers back for Season 4.  She wrote some amazing episodes. And got Pinkie Pie to rap!

A: Hardest part of writing finale was making sure it worked on its own even if you hadn't seen all episodes that came before it. #MLPSeason4

Later today, Meghan and Tara Strong will be doing a live press conference over on The Hub's Youtube page.
Watch it below at 5:30 PST.

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