/mlp/ League Setup for those unfamiliar

So, you wanna join the /mlp/ League with one of your preferred fetishes generals and go against opponents like Massive Ponies, the Wastelanders from Fallout: Equestria, and even the Horse News team? It's easy! A simple guide below will help you and your general put together a solid team worthy of PES 14 (which you don't even need!). Check it out below. (Forgive redundancy; we want to avoid screw-ups as much as possible)
The Rules of the 4chan Cup League are in effect in the /mlp/ League. Card limits, Heights, and position parameters are all in effect. On the most basic level, all prospective teams should acquire the following from their generals for the teams;

- A 23-player roster with two "Gold" players (99 in all stats), two "Silver" players (88 in all stats), and one player designated as Captain. Goalies cannot be Captain, and there can only be ONE Captain. Check out other teams in the official league for guidance and basic structure for player positions/formations.

- One Anthem and one Goalhorn. You can also have an alternate goalhorn to play when one of your "notable" players score (like Madoka Titus on /toy/, Bert on /a/, or TopKek on [s4s]). Two alts ARE allowed, but don't be like /mu/ and have ten pieces of music set up. That's just criminal.

-Kits with designs set up using the template [will be added soon]

- A person with a Skype account willing to trip up and act as manager. This person will live manage during matches and handle getting the information into a pastebin.

This team Manager will also make decisions when it comes to picking out Player Heights, Skill Cards, and formations/sliders for up to three different presets from the positions picked out by the general.

When all is said and done and the manager has all the information tacked down into a pastebin, adhere to the following minimalist checklist:

-23 players w/positions
-25 cards MAX while adhering to card limit rules
-Heights adhering to official height rules
-OPTIONAL: image links to formations and sliders for the different presets

This information will be taken by any pony-friendly manager like Powdinet of /vp/ and turned into a barebones export.

When the info is all taken down, link it to the Sign-In page on implyingrigged.

If you DO have PES, then be sure to follow the damn rules and have fun! Best of luck to all vying for the third-place trophy!

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  1. What do I have to do to commentate a game?

    1. The host is yet to be determined. When that's figured out, add them on Skype and ask.

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