Trade Ya Leaked Stills

Its like 4am and Im on a phone. I have no idea if these have popped up elsewhere, but whatever. We recieved an email from a guy named Luke with a bunch of stills from an upcoming episode. All sorts of edginess. Check them out.

What Luke has to say:
 "From the 8"x8" Olivia London picture book Welcome to Rainbow Falls comes your first glimpse of a new MLP villain.  And she's REAL edgy.  Also, have a Discord Lamp tent, the Daring Do tent we briefly saw in the clip, and a few less interesting pictures, including some sort of .... throne?"

More below

Comments (3)

  1. Pinkie's ribbon is cute. I wonder what she traded for it?

    Luke "Autism" Allen here. After closer examination, that orange/red mare behind oblivious Twilight does not appear to be an actual pony, but a promotional cardboard cutout. The whole stand seems to be promotional materials for trade.

    The 8"x8" book is a mashup of Rainbow Falls and Trade Ya; it came from Amazon yesterday with The Curious Case of Charity. Its final destination is my sister's classroom; her first-graders should enjoy it.

    It's surprising where one can find leaks. I saw a Skyla at a Walmart once. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion...

  2. These are not "leaked", they're from the official book "Welcome to Rainbow Falls". (or something like that)

    1. They're a "leak" only due to the timing. Many media companies tightly control the ancillary materials surrounding their main properties, rigging the release dates to prevent spoilers.

      I remember the Matthew Broderick Godzilla film and Cloverfield both had orders in place to keep the monsters' images from appearing on toys and in magazines before the movies' release dates.

      Mad Magazine released their Godzilla parody a couple of days before the film, so I wasn't negatively surprised by the chin during the film itself. Consequently, I'm one of the few people who actually liked it.