Official My Little Pony twitter possibly hacked

Moments ago, the official my little pony twitter started making unusual tweets. Some say the twitter account got hacked, but we here at horse news believe the people over at mylittlepony are just simply trying to send a message to us. They know how many XXL Rainbow Dash shirts get sold every day. They've seen con footage. They've seen Capper.

They are just trying to save us from destroying ourselves with the copious amount of pasta we eat every day.
Do us all a favor and buy some apples instead.

Comments (5)

  1. And now all of their tweets from all the way back from January to now are gone.

    1. They had no tweets during that period, seems like they stop using the account at the start of this year.

  2. methinks the social media guy was just a fucking tech illiterate idiot and authorized some rogue app to access the mlp twitter