Orchestra Performs MLP Opening theme, with ballet.

People's number one complaint about Horse News (after the virtue of our existence) is our perceived vulgarity; a claim that implies the notion that we lack knowledge of, or appreciation for, the finer things.
Well guess what? You want some fine art, we'll give you some damn fine art. Above is a video that hasn't received much attention (because you all secretly don't care for the finer things either). It features a full orchestra and a ballerina performing an original composition of the My Little Pony opening theme.
YEAH. Orchestra AND a ballerina. This is practically homework.

You clicked the "read more" option? Fine, have this too.

And another.

There's your damn culture. Now go ahead and click back to your tab of wubstep.
Don't even act like you're not going to.
PS: Look at that, we have a figgin "Art" tag.

Comments (7)

  1. Orchestral arrangement of /mlp/ opening theme WHEN

  2. OK, that was awful.

  3. Pacifica High School is literally half a mile down the road from me. I guess it's time for a school shooting.

  4. This made my rectum itchy.

  5. The best theme song interpretation (more like remake) is Deae Lunae by Makkon. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6NbyUtARW6I It's fucking beautiful, I almost cry every time.

  6. Actually the number one complaint about HN is that it's shit :^)