Check Your Privilege - For real this time

If there is one thing there is only one thing that Buzzfeed is good for, and that is making enormous stupid lists.
While a solid 99 percent of these should go completely ignored, we were recently sent a link to a topic very near and dear to us: our overwhelming amounts of privilege. Once and for all, you can finally determine if everything those Social Justice Warriors have been yelling at you has been true or not, with a concrete privilege percentage score. We here at Horse-News recently had our staff take the exam, and were shocked at the results.

Especially because it turns out, we aren't privileged at all in fact. How could this possibly be? Doesn't the fact that many of us are white heterosexual males make us the most privileged beings to walk the face of the Earth? Let's take a look at some of the head-scratchers.

White? Absolutley. Well, maybe a little on the tan side thanks to this marvelous invention called sunlight, but white I cannot deny.
"I have never been discriminated against because of my skin color".
While typically this may be correct, luckily we've been to tumblr and have been the "victim" of hate-speech directed at "Privileged White Scum".
"I have never been the only person of my race in a room".
You've literally never been alone in a room before? Who is checking that box?
Ha! Luckily we've been to 4chan. No checks here.
Joke's on you! Most of us don't even HAVE partners.
Filthy Buzzfeed Cis-scum imposing binary gender roles on the test takers.

Most basement dwellers don't even CHANGE their clothes more than once a month, much less BUY them.
Our editors have skipped Taco Bell 4th meal many times due to a lack of change in the cupholder. Our struggle is real.

There's just a myriad of things here. STILL Married? Who said they were married to begin with? Again with the hate buzzfeed. Maybe you should check your privilege, I have this neat little quiz you can try...

It is a tough life for those who identify as "horsefuckers".

The list drags on and on, but in the end, you get to finally see just how truly, shamefully privileged you are. Just look at this monster we have working on staff! 

Go ahead and take the quiz, then tell us how privileged you are.

Comments (27)

  1. "You live with 60 out of 100 points of privilege."
    And I'm bisexual. This is fucking broken.

  2. Amusingly enough, according to this test most SJWs probably count as extremely privileged if they answer the questions honestly.

  3. I had 21. Not sure about the 'place of worship' thing. There's no DEDICATED place, but people of my religion meet at a specific place.
    And technically you've been the only person of your race in a room if you've ever been the only person in a room. Loopholes.
    That said, I was accused of homosexuality a lot when younger. Partially because I was outspoken about being supportive of those who were. Still am occasionally. But, nope, I'm asexual, what seems to be the least-hated of all the non-heterosexual sexualities. Actually, thanks to SJWs, asexuality may be LESS hated than heterosexuality.

  4. Aww yiss, 55/100, check my privilege you fucking niggers!

  5. >39/100
    Fuck, not privileged enough.

  6. Top kek 29/100. System is broken, I was born into wealth, education, and acceptance, but I'm "not privileged" .How does my being bisexual and on and off depressed constitute lacking privilege? Curse those damn people with superior emotional regulation and differing sexual orientations! They need to change how they act so I can feel accepted by fucking everyone! OH NO PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW OR CARE ABOUT CALLED ME A FUCKING FAG! OH NO THEY SAID I WAS GOING TO BURN IN HELL! In unrelated news I like how being called a fag, and being raped are both equally weighted.

  7. >100/100
    fucking low life niggers stop stealing other peoples and get job

  8. >be brown
    >still higher then many straight white Christian males who took the test
    Hue hue hue.

  9. 42/100
    I use big expensive gaming computer, I have several suits, several watches, I drive a Ferrari 308 like the one from Magnum PI! Come on, even *I* admit that I'm ludicrously privileged!

  10. 70/100, I'm quite privileged.
    it says I have to use my powers to help other people who hadn't had it that easy.
    so come to me, my sinned brothers.

    1. Can you buy me a Ferrari like the 42/100 anon who posted above you?

  11. Somewhere above 85, I closed the tab so I don't know anymore.

  12. 64. Not bad. Never had too many complications.

  13. 49/100

    Eh, I can't disagree with this. Haven't had a specifically rough time, but I've had to work for what I've got. Sanity included.

  14. Horse News is finally becoming a REAL news site - the stories about non-news get more comments than the ones about actual news.

  15. Scored 52/100 (Quite Privileged) but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or whatever.

  16. >be Mexiscum
    >be full homosex
    >be relatively poor (by American standards)
    eh, I don't really think there's all that much privilege to begin with.

  17. >There is a place of worship for my religion in my town

    1. >36 out of 100
      Kek. Ok if you say so!

  18. 61/100 (privileged enough).
    I found this question, "I make more money than my professional counterparts of a different gender," patently stupid; any decent human being at a workplace shouldn't ask or know what their co-workers make, if only to avoid power struggles that could upset a workplace. That's just smart practice!

    1. That just shows your horrible privilage! Some people don't have the impulse control or social understanding to know not to ask the details of other people's paychecks! What fucking scum you are! furthermoor u useded prooper grammer nd spellung, ferther belaying ur privilage

    2. Fair enough, but what spelling error are you talking about?

  19. I hate it when people aim to categorize all the things just because they don't want to put in the mental effort to realize that the world is bigger than them. It drives me up the wall when 'privilege' is just another word people use to feel included in yet another super secret club. It really grinds my gears when privilegefags keep whining about the negative rather than looking up to a role model and realize how little their problems seem in comparison. The real issue is class warfare and how the rich would prefer to keep us at each others throats rather than tackling the increasing corruption in our world.

  20. It's funny because I have been insulted and assaulted for being white.

    By the way, I never had a father and I walk to work. Fucking shitlords, check your own privileges!


  21. And I find the whole culture of demonising people who've had it easier than us and turning hardships into something to boast over to be fucking retarded. A victim deserves sympathy, but a non-victim doesn't deserve scorn.