Weaboo threatens bronies with violence, gets Blown The Fuck Out

Yesterday, a twitter user named "SonHiram" made a post about his desire to assault any brony he finds leaving his local McDonald's restaurant in Houston. While we are sure this is still a common sentiment that many ass-ravaged internet users share, he still made the mistake of posting it, as no pony-post ever goes unnoticed by the community. What followed was a full-day of continuous twitter and tumblr bombardment by the community, proving once again, that the only people allowed to mess with pony-fans is other pony fans.

The twitter feud actually began the day before, when he posted this statement on his feed

What followed was the equivalent of an internet gang-beating, especially when a US Marine by the handle of "Iron Sights" got in the mix.

The former Lance Corporal proceeded to call the kid out on his threat, even listing the very address of the McDonalds where he lay in wait. But he wasn't the only one. Like a swarm of locusts, the ponyfags started coming out of the woodwork, and Hurm had to go into full-defense mode (with some of the weakest insults we have ever seen in an internet tough-guy argument).

Nerd? Really? Says the man who has pictures of himself wearing a DBZ scouter? Shortly afterwards Hurm and his friend began dolling out the Homo tag like it was going out of style.

Fun-fact: bringing sexuality into an argument is almost 100% of the time the easiest way to call in the internet cavalry. Naturally, the argument had to spill over into tumblr immediatley where our friends at GCC picked it up.  And this, evidently is where things really went south for Hurm.

Yeah, that's right. They literally called the cops. He attempted to do some counter-control but to no avail.
So, just like those dumbasses who started tweeting threats to airlines, Hurm learned the hard way, that only a special kind of idiot would make threats of physical violence on an entire community, and continue to do so even after the whole thing started backfiring.

Keep crying dumbass.

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  2. This is funny, but people getting pony toys at McDonalds still are faggots of the highest order.

    1. Aren't we all huge faggots, tho?

      Least I don't go wearing a fedora everywhere I go.

    2. We're huge faggots but at least we're not little wannabe rappers who abuse text abbreviations and emojis

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  3. Didn't this guy learn you can't beat up people that are 95% memory foam?

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  5. I'm part of the fandom, I think buying the toys is weird, and buying the McDonald's toys is the ULTIMATE weird, but this guy deserves all the shit we can give him.