Midwest Media Expo: A little convention in Detroit - Day 1

The signature reads "Fuck You Horse News - Max"
We take a break from our ongoing coverage of BABScon shit to bring you a few words about a little convention in Downtown Detroit. Yes, THAT Detroit, where Capper and some other folks from Horse-News spend a lot of their time.  Midwest Media Expo is taking place this weekend, featuring guests such as that guy who hates ponies Max Gilardi (aka HotDiggedyDemon), Eileen Montgomery (fan VA for Octavia) and SillyFillyStudios.

While not technically a pony convention, MME plays host to a wide array of media, ranging from anime and comic books, to of course, colorful ponies. The smaller sibling of the annual Autumn "Youmacon" event, it takes place at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit (which is laid out like an awful confusing maze spiraling around a central elevator that doesn't go to all the floors - it is to be noted this is still the nicest venue in the City).

Horse-News has thusfar run into Eileen Montgomery, cheery as ever, she had a "Blind Reading" panel with some TeamFourStar people, including ponies.

We hope to get a few words with her later (the con runs all weekend dammit get off me).
A little later we finally found Max Gilardi, hocking prints from the PONY.MOV series (and some other shit). We asked him if we could take a few pics for Horse-News. He asked what that was, and upon explanation said "That sounds pretty nerdy."
No shit Max. 

Look where you are.

Stay tuned for more info from the con. Word is that SillyFillyStudios is premiering their latest project tomorrow afternoon. This should be interesting.
Back to the streets of Detroit. Wish us luck.

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  1. Detroit?

    G'luck guys. Hopefully nobody gets shank'd.

    1. horsenews is kil

    2. Detroit is Capper's homestead. It's why he's so fucking baller.

    3. The fat protects his vital organs from stabbings.

    4. This is true. It also keeps me warm

  2. lel I didnt know max looked like such a nerd