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Critics call it the be all end all of racing games...

                   Loved and loathed by anons everywhere

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"11/10, better than GOAT"- ign

*cue linkin park dubstep remix*
Truly a suspense filled driving thriller that not even Ryan Gosling can top
Little Pony Bike Racing is a small racing game released by underneath the Action>>>Driving section of games. Between the simple microsoft paint background and shoddy flash animation, you find a truly remarkable gem of a video game; a game that stands out above the rest, strong and proud.

Nestled in the woods and dirts paths of ponyville Twilight and Applejack duke it out to see who is the top gear of bicycling in equestria. Despite having level design comparable to that of a 12 year old making a happy wheels map, and music thats reminiscent of my 3rd grade recorder class, The game is well designed and overall very fun. It features Twilight and Background Pony #3 facing off in a duel to the death, pedal to the metal, rubber burning showdown that even Vin Diesel would envy...

Well maybe not that action packed, but none the less it is a great little game that kills alot of time...

At first you wonder why Twilight is even riding a bike, then you wonder why you are even playing this game, then you come to the realization that you stayed up all night again and are stoned and reviewing a My Little Pony Racing game at 6 in the morning...

This is my life.
Ebin 360 no scopes

well then
loop de loop swag

I think its time to stop
You can play the game here at:

Comments (8)

  1. This some Mario Kart music

    1. To be specific, the Title Screen and Dino Dino Jungle/DK Mountain music of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

  2. How the fuck are you supposed to make that loop on level 3?

    I'll be damned if I'm leaving candy behind

      U casul


  4. How do you even control this shit? Bycycles are much too complicated for ponies.

  5. Thank you for reviewing this game. I just couldn't do it.