Lunafags prepare to spazz out over Lunar Eclipse tonight

Lunafags the world over  await tonight anxiously, for the first total lunar eclipse of 2014, which also marks the first lunar eclipse to be visible in North America since 2011 (and the start of the ride). Fans of formerly-worst princess are ready to unleash an assault on their twitter feeds, facebook pages, and blogs, with long-thought out but overused moon-related puns as the celestial event begins.

In your mind you said "Checkem"
One lunafag, who is planning on calling in sick from his job tomorrow so that he can stay up and witness the eclipse (slated to begin around 1:20 EST) has already set a "Behold the New Lunar Republic" post to draft on his twitter account manager, and is considering attaching a "#lunareclipse" at the end to increase its visibility. He tells Horse-News reporters that he thinks it is "pretty clever" and does not expect anyone to post about the matter.

Another fan has already begun googling in search of a comic in reference to Princess Luna's menstrual cycle with which to relate to the fact that the moon is a "blood moon" tonight. Much to his dismay, he has only thusfar found a large collection of images about a terrible OC named "Blood Moon", and a single "Ask Princess Molestia" comic.

One tumblr user has already drank 11 cups of coffee, in order to stay awake long enough to type all his sentences in capslock and quote the episode "Luna Eclipsed" well into tomorrow afternoon. He is passing the time by photoshopping Nightmare Moon's face onto a photo of the blood moon, which he will post on tumblr later this afternoon. Experts expect 1450 re-blogs by tomorrow evening.

One wise brony has already marked his calendar for October 8th of this year, as well as April 4th and September 28th of next year, in anticipation of doing this whole thing over again.

Celestia fans look forward only to Wednesday, when the Lunafags will have finally shutup about the eclipse.

Update: Called it

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