Bobs Burgers episode, guest starring Final Draft

As everyone is aware of by now, Bob's Burgers released their brony-culture parody episode this evening, and it is very much apparent that the show creators really did their homework. As far as these references go, this is one of the rare times that most will agree, the writers nailed it. They penetrated deep into the brony fandom, uncovering every major nuance worth noting, and among them, they even saw fit to include a power-hungry fanboy...with a rather distinctive look. We do not know the extent of the terrors the writers were exposed to, but it is clear that Final Draft was one of them.

Is that Capper's OC again? 
The writers got just about everything; from the stench of the convention air and the awkward cosplay dance parties, to the obsession with canon vs fanfiction, to even the backrooms horse-play BDSM, (most pony-fans actually found all of this pretty funny by the way) but above all else, they really captured the inner-fandom search for power by a man with an entourage that he really doesn't care for if they don't serve his purposes. It's clear that the writers needed a basis for this character, why else would they use a power-hungry fan as an antagonist? Why would they even think there would be some sort of internal inexplicable fandom hierarchy? Would be one hell of a guess.

Numerous people (including the blog we stole the comparison image from) started picking up on the similarities between the antagonist "Bronconius", and our favorite Bernstein Bear. Justice was finally administered for his taking advantage of a well-meaning community (and forgetting the very meaning of the show), as he is taken away in cuffs from the boozed up backroom party.  It was at this point that we were reminded the show is fiction, and that we could not be so lucky in real life.

Meanwhile, in real life:

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  1. That episode felt way too real. It was like Bronycon all over again.

  2. TheSilverRanger14 April 2014 at 10:42

    So the moral of the story is......Don't act like a fucking asshole, and don't take the fandom and your passion for it way too far.

  3. I'm pretty amused.. and I've even got a mlp tattoo

  4. You might be excited to know that this episode was written by Tina's voice actor himself!

  5. This was clearly tommy oliver but because horse news is in the back pocket of josh vida
    aka tommy oliver's bitch they wouldn't dare say that.