Pony Parodies prepare to tackle non-pony pony parodies

As Equestria Girls 2 continues to bear down upon us, it is clear that we will never be able to simply ignore the first's existence. Nobody, perhaps, knows this as well as the creative teams behind the two major abridged series' "Friendship is Witchcraft" and "The Mentally Advanced Series". As of today, both have made announcements indicating their foray into the anthropomorphic media.

For a long time, we've known that frequent /mlp/-user (and HN-reader - sup!) Petirep, and the team, have been hard at work creating "Equestria Primates", to finish off the Rainbow Dash Presents series.
It's unclear when Primates will be ready for release, but from the previews that Petirep has been dropping around the board, it's looking like it will be worth the weight.

This afternoon, Sherclop Pones, announced the fast-approaching arrival of Friendship is Witchcraft's take on the trainwreck; "Horse Women". According to the post, the parody is set to release next weekend on the 19th.

Additionally, Sherclop is now acquiring shekels for the series. We're curious what you can force them to do if you enslave them for a week as promised.

Will these videos make Equestria Girls worth the pain?
Will we finally be able to heal?
Not likely. But it's a start.

Comments (4)

  1. Fuck. Is Sherclops trying to make money on their pony parodies? Have we learned nothing from Jan?

  2. Why do people even like Sherclop when they manage to be so consistently unfunny all the time? At least Petirep is capable of actual wit and clever humor most of the time.

    1. I guess hating on FIW has become a meme by this point.

    2. Anon I feel quite the opposite of you so eh, it's all in the eye of the beholder.