Last Call for BABScon, and the Goldie Awards

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As we said earlier, it's last call for BABScon, but in more ways than one. The convention that we've been waiting far too long for is less than 2 weeks away, and as such tonight is last call for pre-registration, (if you want to use your stolen 4chanmlp10 promo code, now is the time) as well as last call for nominations for the Goldie Awards.
What are the Goldie Awards? An awards program for the fandom, that we totally don't want anyone to mess with. That would be rude and unprofessional.
That being said, we have a few suggestions for nominees.

There are tons of categories for awards, and for your convenience we've provided some suggestions for some nominees. Bear in mind that all of the nominations must be from 2013, so Horse-News is itself ineligible, despite the fact it clearly deserves nominations in every category.

 Best Original Animated Feature - Double Rainboom
 Best Remixed Animated Feature - REDACTED
 Best Original Song - Alicorn Pie
 Best Musical Remix - Mutton Bash
 Best Crossover Story - Tracy Cage 3
 Best Story Editing - /mlp/ for above
 Story of the Year - Jose Mendoza's Fanfic
 Best Original Artwork: Digital - Cumin
 Best Original Artwork: 3D (plushies, sculptures, etc.) - Furry Dakimakura
 Best Original Artwork: Hand-Drawn - Pinkie Pony's R34 Artwork
 Best Original Artwork: Painted - Dibby
 Convention of the Year - Las Pegasus Unicon
 Best Livestreaming or Weekly Broadcast - The 4chan Cup
 Best MLP - based Tumblr or Blog - Ask Princess Molestia
 Best Comic or Comic Series - Wootmaster's Tracy Pics
 Voice Actor of the Year (Male) - ShadyVox
 Voice Actress of the Year (Female) - RinaChan
 Best Jewelry, Pendant or Metalcraft work - This Panda Ring
 Award for Technical Excellence in website, animation or musical mixing - Christopher "Moot" Poole - /mlp/
(but wasn't that made in 2012? >implying that /mlp/ is the same after the scruffening)

These are just OUR suggestions of course. Not like what we think means anything.
But seriously, get to nominating, there's not much time left.
To the /mlp/eople about to rock San Francisco (like another brony-related earthquake), we salute you.
see you in 12 days.
I've still got a few surprises in store.

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  1. Shameless plug: vote for True Equestria Radio for best podcast.

    1. Oh wow! Look at you. Trying to get your name out there on a useless circlejerking awards show that not a single person outside of the staff of this Unicon-ready convention gives a flying fuck about.

      You're worth about as much to this fandom as gum stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe. And pushing this podcast just further cements my point. Try and ride horse fame. Go on! The fact you've saddled up must mean there's really nothing out there to vindicate you otherwise. If you think neckbeards far and wide give a shit about you or what you have to say, you're delusional or have managed to appeal to people with severe brain dysfunction.

      Jesus. Fuck off.

  2. There are tons of categories for awards, and for your convenience we've provided some suggestions for some nominees. Trophy Store