Larson issues challenge to fandom

Long considered one of the hardest partiers of the entire show staff (perhaps rivaled in drinking prowess only by Lee Tockar), Mitch "Coronate A Bitch" Larson has issued a challenge to the entire community, following his experiences at BABScon 2014. His challenge: create a convention that no one would logically survive - a week long Ponystock.

Larson; seen here in his natural habitat (with wings and on his 12th pitcher of beer), has been on a downward spiral respectable party streak ever since Nightmare Nights Dallas, when he participated in what was ultimately dubbed "the drunk panel" by those who witnessed it in all its glory. NO RECORDS OF THIS PANEL EXIST.  Since then the man's lust for alcohol and strippers the underground brony party scene has been insatiable.

Since the call for the party to end all parties has gone out, groups from all over the fandom have begun to rally to the call, as the challenge must be heard. Rudimentary plans have begun to be hashed out, including location and entertainment; with such locales as Hawaii, and Detroit Michigan have been suggested as possible venues.

Steffan Andrews has suggested the event be held at a theme park, to be dubbed "Mane Six Flags". The nameless event (it is currently tied between "MA LarsCon" and "HorseStock") is quickly becoming the "must-do" event of the decade, and experts predict casualties from dehydration, alcohol poisoning, and rectal hemorrhaging to be in the hundreds.

Speculated guests to this event beyond the man himself, include Andrew WK and Jack Black, as well as perennial con-guest Peter New. Few other candidates have been cleared by physicians of being capable of the physical demands of managing an entire week of non-stop alcohol, fried food, and loud brony music.

Even #horsefamous biker DustyKatt doubts his abilities to survive the week.

Ideas and support continue to pour in for the con, and staff members have acquired a shipment of cyanide pills to be distributed to volunteers in case of capture.

At press time, /mlp/ has already begun preparations for hiring busloads of exotic dancers who will be on-staff to keep VIPs hydrated and attended to at all times.
If you would like to be part of VIP relations please send a set of full-color photos to for consideration.

Comments (12)

  1. When the fuck is this amazing piece of shit that no one would survive?

    1. See you in Equestria faggots

  2. So a ponycon that is like the juggalos gathering? Sounds dangerous and retarded.

    Where can I sign up?

  3. As long as Final Draft or OsakaJack won't be there, I want in.

  4. A challenge to literally party until you die with a bunch of autistic fucks. Looks like I'm clearing my schedule and also purchasing term life insurance.

  5. This is something that we as horse news need to do.

  6. This sounds legitimately awful.

    Awfully good.

  7. Venue idea: Saint Paul, MN. The city across the river from Minneapolis, the same time as Final Fucks con. Sure, it splits the con-going audience, but goddamn would it be hilarious.

  8. I don't think anyone could survive a week long con.

    But I'd certainly give it a shot.

  9. Disney.
    Let's take over Disney.

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