Interview/Podcast/Fandom Spotlight: HeroOfTime1000

Because we're a super legit news network, who do all the things news networks do, we also do interviews.
A lot of interviews apparently.
Even I can do them!
Maybe these aren't all that high quality then.....

Anyways, recently I sat down with the soon-to-be horse famous HeroOfTime1000, otherwise known as the creator of the amazing not-yet-released game: The Underworld's Cello.

Check it out below the break.

The interview went as follows:

Q: What got you into drawing pixelated ponies?

A: Well, I always dabbled in pixel art in when I was trying to make flash cartoons. But as the years got by, I got a little better. By the time I decided that it would be fun romhack games, I started to draw Fluttershy for Super Mario Land 2.

Q: Holy Christ that's a game I'd like to play. Can I find that anywhere?

A: Sure! The rom is still featured on my Youtube channel, as well as its sequel, Pony Poki Panic. I warn you, though. The artwork is a bit messy.
[Link To Super Fluttershy Land 2] [Link To Poni Poki Panic]] [HeroOfTime1000's Deviant Art]

Q: Now, about the Underworld's Cello... what gave you the idea for the game?

A: I was watching let's plays when I was developing for a failed WIP called Luna's Quest. It was rather interesting how immersive those "macventure" games were, sucking you in to the game by being in first person. The game that influenced me the most was "Uninvited".

Q: Interesting. What other works have you made?

A: Other than the rom hacks, not much was released into the general public. Luna's Quest was in the making during my "adventure game phase", but due to lack of interest on all sides, including myself, it was scraped. The Underworld's Cello will be my true first step in game design.

Q: So, I know you're probably asked this a lot, but is there a scheduled/hoped for release date for the game?

A: If all goes well, I want to see if I can't release it on October 31th to capture the Halloween spirit. Of course, I know that anything could happen and it could be released sooner or later.

Q: Have you ever thought of making a humanized version of the game? I bet you could get this thing greenlit on steam pretty easily.

A: The thought did cross my mind several times. There was a time where I thought to replace it with humans and sell it. However, what stopped me was the fact that when it comes to programming and pixel art, I'm still a novice. I didn't want to upset people who paid money for my work. So, I decided to make it more of a publicity stunt. If people like my game, then I will have a guaranteed audience when my next original game rolls around after this game's competition.

Q: So, can you tell us a few things about the game post-demo to get people a little hyped up?

A: Well, after the famous Nowhaking gives me the script for Vinyl, I do plan on re-releasing the original demo to demonstrate the voice acting in the game. Also, I'm work with a great musician and writer to help develop the game into an immersive story. Also, I'm quite morbid, because I've been having fun on the many ways that Octavia will die.

Q: Hah! Yeah even in the demo that was amazing how you had your own animation for every different way Octavia died. So, how many voice actors do you have for the project?

A: I've got people on stand-by for the background characters, but I need a few more female roles. It's surprisingly hard to find some in a male-dominant fanbase intended for girls. Oh well.

Q: Are there other people working on the game besides voice actors?

A: The people at MuffyDerp have been so helpful in supplying me with a writer, Aaron Chen, and Jesse Nowack. Also, my main musician, Belgerum, has composed some awesome music for the game. And Adoxographist, she's the star of the show by voicing Octavia in my time of need.

Q: Ever think of starting up a gaming company? Or maybe just a group of people dedicated to do something under one name.

A: One day... One day... Just a group of people dedicated to do something under one name may be better considering I don't have the resources to find my own studio.

Q: What do you plan to do after The Underworld' Cello?

A: Hopefully, I can make a poll somewhere gaming-oriented (Like /v/, for honest feedback) for what people are really looking for, and then add my own twist to it. I got a lot of ideas in my head. Some point-and-click, some platformer, some simulators.

Q: /v/ isn't really the best place for honest feedback, you know that right?

A: They are a little separated when it comes to gaming tastes... I guess we'll see.

Q: That's besides the point. Now, are those other games going to be pony realted? Really I don't care I'll play anything you make your work is god-tier

A: Maybe one day, I'll do a sequel where you play as Vinyl, but I've made a promise to make games with original IP's. Also, thank you for the compliment.

Q: Okay, last question. Ever think of making a pixelated porn flash? ; )

A: Good heavens, what will the neighbors think? Roffle Roffle Roffle. As fun as that sounds, I don't think my girlfriend would be thrilled. XD

She's holdin ya back brah ;)

Big thanks to HeroOfTime1000 for the interview, I'm really hyped for the game as you all should be.

*brought to you by Fim who loves dicks

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  1. My review of this Horse News Article, by anon

    > Soon-to-be horse-famous

    Translation: "I know this guy, he's a friend of mine, and he thinks I am super cool for being a horse news writer, so in order to keep my friends who only like me because they're autistic and think I'm more important than I am, I offered to interview him so he would continue fawning over me."

    >crappy pixelated pony games

    every single one has glaring problems, yet he keeps coming out with new versions that "increase playability". at some point you just give up because you suck at making games.

    >no link to his youtube channel

    I had to google him.

    >name too long to fit in his own game title screen

    Also it's a shitty internet name.

    >waste of space

    Congratulations, you've made an article too shitty for the shittiest pony news site

    1. Hmm. Oh well. I understand that what I do is not your taste in games. I am gonna keep trying, though. I can dream.

    2. "he thinks I am super cool for being a horse news writer"
      "you suck at making games"
      "I had to google"
      "shitty internet name"
      "an article too shitty for the shittiest pony news site"

  2. I'm hype for this game.

    My mom's one of the background VA's.