Spooktube Theater Episode 3: 12 year olds, dubstep, and "Realness"

It's been a very lazy Sunday here at Horse-News. I've been in detox most of the morning, as the receipt in my pocket indicates I spent 80 dollars on pints of beer last night, before waking up sprawled on my living room floor around 4:30 this morning.
I've been prepping my liver for BABScon which is now less than 2 weeks away.
Today is the last day for preregistation, so if you want to use your stolen 4chanmlp10 coupon code, this is your last chance.
We've got a bunch of  strange videos for you this afternoon. Check them out below.

What sort of hellish devil music is this?

There are an awful lot of 12-year-olds who have been given unrestricted access to the internet.
Protip: Don't allow 12 year olds to have unrestricted access to the internet.
1 of 3 things will happen; they will end up becoming a 4chan shitposter, they will get involved in some predator ring, or they will make videos like the following.


This one comes from a total asshole good friend of ours, FS:SOTU.

We have no idea on this last one.

If you have any under-appreciated and underviewed gems you think deserve to be showcased, send them to horsenewsmlp@gmail.com 

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