Horse News gains a mascot, contemplates a corporate office

Meet Big Red.

Other pony organizations have a mascot. Fillydelphia Radio has Delphia.Trotcon has Peanut Bucker. Equestria Daily has Trixie (Because Seth doesn't really count as a mascot, being mostly a real person).

We have a horse.

Red is a miniature horse (Not to be confused with a pony) who lives in the middle of somewhere.
Red is the new Horse News Mascot. He gets angry, sometimes, bites, likes to shit everywhere, and is also adorable. That sums up about 95% of Horse News, in general. It was a good fit. The best effect of this, of course is that Horse News is now the only pony media organization with an actual horse on staff.

There has been some contention over where our corporate Horse News headquarters should be. Suggestions have included Antarctica, Detroit, A fort made out of cardboard in the Black Hills in South Dakota, and my personal favorite, this place:
Oddly enough, it has been conjectured that all Bronies come from here.
More info to come as it becomes relevant. In the meantime, I have to go feed Red.

Comments (3)

  1. Why do you even need the horse? You already clean up after the shit I leave on this site! :^)

  2. He looks like a snuggler. Moar pix.

  3. I want to cum inside Big Red