Horsecon Detroit 2014 prepares to announce guests

Word on the street is that Horsecon 2014 has just passed a couple thousand preregistrations, making it easily one of the largest underground conventions in the country. Horse-News has been receiving press releases about this Detroit-based convention for the past few weeks, and it seems to be taking off.
The con, which is scheduled for August 22-24 in Metro Detroit, has a full listing of fandom guests, including Dr. Fager, Hyperion, and even Sethisto from EQD - which must mean they have a trixie panel planned. Tickets are going fast, the Sunday 1-day passes have already sold out, so order while you can if you're in the midwest.
It's easy to see why, this isn't your average brony convention.
According to the FAQ, some areas are restricted to 21+ attendees only, and photography is strictly prohibited, so there is likely some adult stuff going down at this. "VIP" guests even get access to the swimming pool, and there is notation indicating that there are jacuzzi's in some suites.
The convention is getting ready to announce some of their guests of honor, now that pre-regs have reached sufficient levels.

The convention is being put together by the thriving brony population in Detroit, with 2-well-established brony groups who are veteran con-goers and planners, the Metro Detroit Bronies  and the Youmacon/MME Bronies  each having hundreds of members in the city.
Give the website a look, there's plenty of good information here:

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  1. Detroit? America's North Korea? Forget it! I'm not attending a ponycon there just so I can get shot as soon as I get out of a cab at the convention hall. Give me an east coast con. Thank you.

  2. Sounds reasonable but really I agree with the first comment I mean like I don't want end my life at a con that would be odd