- the who's who of bronies, all on one site

Are you a filthy >fan of the fandom? Do you WANT to be? We can't think of a reason why, but nonetheless you're in luck.
Ever since Horse-News built the super-secret Horse Fame Analyzer, a bunch of other folks have hopped on the horse-fame bandwagon. First a twitter....then a basically blank website...and the /mlp/ charity table will be featuring tshirts...but this latest addition takes it to a whole new level of self-awareness. Sent to us via the Horse-News email, we'd like to introduce, a comprehensive circlejerk, complete with bio pages.

We don't know who is running this, but they own the dotcom, therefore their word is law. The "Hall of Flank Fame" page has a fairly comprehensive list of most of the most well-known fans (with some exceptions, I don't think I should be on that list), each with a short bio and photograph.

We won't ruin the fun by going through all of them, but you can get a feel for how this works with an example; a person you literally cannot hate - Pixelkittes.

The site also let's you know roughly the public opinion of each person on the list, though there may be some level of bias. If you think there are names that should be ON the website's list, there is a submit form. We don't know how well it works.

One final entry before we go:

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  1. > not including an entry for the infamous anon who selflessly donated thousands of dollars to charity and exposed the evil minds behind Dark Skyes and DWM (among other things)

  2. >no ponytoast