Horse-News purchases Everfree Network for lewd purposes

After the fiasco that was Babscon and through the efforts of our staff members (and alcohol), FinalDraft has now signed over the rights to to Horse-News. We now have big plans of returning it to its former glory, but with a modern twist. That being a kinky pornography showcase.

Following his completely asinine behavior
 at Babscon, FinalDraft saw himself in the worst mess he could imagine. So other than going on a completely whiny and pathetic twitter rant, Draft was also hitting the bottle. Across the lobby our favorite military man CapperGeneral spotted this and went on the hunt to end the Spaghetti Wars. Capper sat down with the man-child, spoke "Pony Politics" with him, and helped polish off a bottle of fine bourbon (on FinalDraft's tab we might add). Soon enough, Draft was hammered, with Capper barely even tipsy. That's when Capper went in for the kill.

Joined by fellow nor/mlp/erson PonyToast, Capper started offering the intoxicated asshole professional journalist wild sums of money, even as high as thirty dollars for the site. But he simply continued to reject them, stating that the power he has is "not worth any shekels you goyim can offer [insert snorting sound here]". That's when he saw it. The perfect XXXL T-shirt that represented his entire tenure at EFN. The popular "This is not and appropriate venue" shirt from the /mlp/ store was on sale, and FinalDraft simply couldn't resist it in his intoxicated state. 

With a signed T-shirt from Capper and PonyToast, $12, and another shot, the day was won. FinalDraft signed the beer stained napkin officially putting the site under Horse-News control. Now you may be wondering why the hell we'd want a site we've been mocking for some time. Well we want nothing more than to preserve it's history with a useful service to the fandom.

The largest personal fandom porn site ever.

~ oh sempai Everfree 2001 ~ <3
For those of you who don't know, was a kinky Japanese "adult" site for years. However the EFN gang took over and denied the existence of it. Well we here at Horse News always appreciate pornography, specifically that of the colorful equine kind. This is why we are working on a beta of the new Everfree we've envisioned. One where not only will you get the "Ponut of the day" highlight and Rule34 artist news, it will also have a free personal account for every user, each of which coming with password protected cloud storage of up to 2GB of Pictures and Videos.

For now you can check out our test page here. But get ready for the new!

For all your Horse-News and pornography needs, contact me, chief porn curator M.A. Larson, or the Horse-News staff with your various methods of cumming inside Rainbow Dash.

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  1. If this isn't actually happening, it needs to.

  2. I always thought the fandom's pornstash was derpibooru... welp

  3. God damn it, Scruffy.

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