Dragonfire: Petition Edition

Throughout the history of the MLP Fandom, we've witnessed ennumerable online petitions to enact some sort of change in the show from the hoards of emotionally invested fans. Topics ranging from wanting Derpy to get her name back to wanting to see me strip naked on livestream (seriously guys what the hell?) and everything in between have cropped up on change.org and other petition sites.
The latest contender to this long-held though oft-fruitless demobcratic tradition, is a petition for Hasbro to make good on one of their April Fools jokes (if it wasn't their secret plan already).

The petition, found here http://www.change.org/petitions/bronies-green-light-dragonfire, calls for 200 signatures showing a registered public interest in making MLP: Dragonfire into a real thing.

The petition (riddled with spelling errors) reads as follows:

After seeing this teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-DDF0q68kw we all figured it was just an april fools joke
But as most people saw they wanted to make this spin off into a reality. To have its own anime space opera my little pony humiod series so I beg you Hub please give this series a chance let it have a momment in the sun (or in this case space). I guarantee you it will be a huge sucess maybe show it around 7 pm - 9 pm so you can get away with a lot but keep the target audiance to 10 - 12 year olds
Fans around the world share a common sentiment about the teased product. One signer from Spain (who somehow uses more proper spelling than the man person who started the petition) sums it up as follows:

Andres Gutierrez SANTANDER, SPAIN: because this is better than Equestria Girls, i love this idea.
Opinion on whether this is a good idea or not is divided, between those who would do anything to see something tangible come of it (much akin to a college girl who would do anything for an A), and those who think this idea is "fucking stupid as hell" and "looks like autistic shit".

Will anything come of this petition?
Has anything ever come of ANY change.org petition?
Do you really trust Hasbro to NOT drop the ball on this even if they DID pick it up?
Only time will tell.

One man has faith:
Michael Brew SUPERIOR, WI
I could see this having the potential to be both a hilarious and awesome spinoff if executed correctly. And I believe in DHX.

Comments (4)

  1. Bloody hell it would be nice to see how this would turn out

  2. Equestria Girls is real, and this isn't?

    That is so much crap. I'm signing.

    1. Fully Agreed.
      Signing as well.

  3. I'll take even a 12 ep mini-series just make this happen Hasbro!