Brozen: Bros who like Frozen; others just don't get the appeal

They call themselves “BROZEN” which are “bros who like‘Frozen'.” and they are a fan movement taking the internet by storm. Ponyfans everywhere are shocked and confused at this unforeseen turn of events. Grown men enjoying an animated production aimed at little girls? It's simply preposterous. Our reporters hit the streets to see how pony fans are reacting.

"They don't even have hooves!" one brony says, stroking his Fluttershy plushie's mane. "Except for the Reindeer, and he's hardly even sexy."
"I just don't understand the appeal," said his friend, in between mouthfuls of cheese-flavored nacho chips.

Another horsefan, whose best friend recently came "out of the icebox", had this to say.
"Brozen; that’s how they identify each other in public. No matter how many there are you have to say it like this “hey guys, are you Brozen?”  It sounds like you’re asking if they are high."

Our reporters attended a local frost-fest (A fan meet-up) to get the Brozen's side of the story.
"What's wrong with being a guy and enjoying a movie made for little girls? Why should we have to conform to what everyone else thinks?" said a man wearing all-white. He informed us he was cosplaying as Olaf, the mentally challenged magic snowman.

When asked why they enjoy the film, many of the men cite the magical fantasy settings, the catchy songs, and their long-standing childhood loyalty to the production staff.
"You know who made Frozen? Disney. Same guys who made The Lion King and Mulan and Pirates of the Caribbean. Same people yo," said one Brozen man while his friends sang a verse of "Let it go" from the film.

Recent media coverage of Brozen

Still despite these facts, the male fans of Frozen face unwavering opposition from critics.

"You're telling me there's a bunch of grown men who like a show about magical princesses singing songs and fighting monsters and exploring the values of love and friendship. Wow that is messed up, what is this world coming to?" commented one concerned tulpa owner.

Others bronies are critical of the groups' self labeling strategy. "If you guys are going to label your fandom, you should at least be more original than just swapping the first letter of the thing you like with word “bro”. I mean seriously who thought that would be a good?  It’s fucking stupid."

Even when the brozen are not receiving flack from the outside world, drama dwells within. Adult female fans of the movie claim to be part of the "brozen movement" as well, but they meet resistance from their male counterparts.

"You need to be a 'bro' to be 'brozen' ya know? I mean it's perfectly normal for grown women to love girly movies about magic princesses, they don't share our struggle." Some women have agreed with this logic and proposed an alternative title exclusively for females; "Sis-cicles".

Many believe this phenomenon will not last long, as there are no known examples of a male fandom for a girl's program lasting longer than a few months, or gaining much support in the long run.

"Maybe someday the bronies will understand our pain," said one Brozen Rule 34 artist, prepping for one of the many Brozen conventions happening around the country. "They just don't know how hard it is to be a grown man liking something that's only supposed to be popular to little girls."

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  1. This is bullshit. Noone has ever or will ever called themselves "brozen". You want proof? Look at r/frozen, no mention until this article. Disney creates movies for all ages and all genders, my little pony does not. There is noone receiving flak for watching "frozen" or it wouldn't be the highest grossing animated film ever. So stop saying crap like this.

    1. r u feelin butthurt m8?

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    3. you have been taken for a voyage
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      top kek
      Some still don't understand what's behind this blog


      Also, the only reason it's so high grosing is because its been in theaters for FIVE FUCKING MONTHS

    6. I am not brozen I am an Arendweller of Arendelle HAIL QUEEN ELSA and the movie made over a billion dollars and is the tenth highest grossing movie of all time

  2. This is idiotic. Liking Frozen has nothing to do with gender. Applying such a gender specific label is just asking for people to misunderstand perfectly valid opinions.

    1. Pssst.....That's the point

    2. U fell for it lulz

  3. 4chan's not ready for this
    >inb4 where it all began

  4. gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8



  6. Oh sweet irony. I don't think this shit would last. I mean it is all about a movie, while the bronies come from a TV show.

  7. This is obviously a joke you morons.