US reportedly built the brony community to control online users

A recently-leaked memo by the Associated Press claims that the brony community was created by the US as a way to stir unrest and increase the government's ability to track individual users.

This memo leak comes as no surprise given the recent leak of documents claiming the cuban social media network "ZunZeo" was created by the US Government to stir political unrest.

 According to the memo, the brony community was part of an anti-SOPA operation called "Operation Seabiscuit" launched in 2009. The purpose of the operation was, in short, to create an internet presence whose simple existence caused other online communities to rally against them, increasing the likeliness of online activity and, by association, online account linking.

Linking online accounts is a convenient way for lazy Americans to share their useless information more efficiently to other lazy Americans. "But that ease of updating needs to be tempered with caution," advises Martha Barksdale of It is not an unknown fact that by linking online accounts one exposes themselves to security hazards. The US Government, on the other hand, sought to use that security weakness to its advantage, and track down signs of a threat to the US.

Pictured: a threat to the US.

The memo, which was dated June 2009, reported that the upcoming release of the newest My Little Pony Generation made for a particularly enticing target:

By focusing on gender role defiance and individuality of persons, we have an opportunity to create a social stigma against a group...[T]hat group will have not done anything actually wrong, per se, but their online presence can make them a designate target of ridicule.
The project was far more successful than imagined.

By recruiting government agents to "lead" the fandom and direct it from within, the US Government was able to alter the emotional climate of online communities everywhere. Every community had its share of "bronies", easily identified by their bright-colored avatars.
The memo, which cannot be published here for security reasons, lists multiple "horse-famous" members of the brony fandom as agents of the Obama administration.

Including himself.
What was the purpose? Simple. By stirring the online communities and selectively pushing their emotional buttons, the government had a tool by which they could raise protests against internet legislation such as SOPA and CISPA while also promoting LGBT rights.

Horse News senior conspiracy consultant Gomez indicates that the entire thing was a plot orchestrated by the Beta-Centaurians in an attempt to control the Chinese moon base.

We will report more as is surfaces.

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